Mixed Oxidant Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite Generators for Water Disinfection

For 20 years, MIOX has designed and manufactured reliable and cost-effective on-site chemical generators for water disinfection.  MIOX offers two different types of on-site chemical generators.  Our sodium hypochlorite generators (HYPO) are engineered to provide the absolute lowest cost bleach available on the market.  In contrast, our Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) systems are engineered for maximum disinfection efficacy through proprietary cell design, control of power and cell geometry.

MIOX technology has been engineered for a variety of water treatment applications in many sectors including:

  • Drinking water including municipal water treatment, wastewater treatment, and humanitarian disaster relief
  • Cooling water treatment for biofilm removal, legionella removal and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • Industrial water treatment including process water and cooling tower water treatment
  • Oil & gas water including produced water treatment, frac water and flowback water, hydrogen sulfide removal (H₂S), disposal wells, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with mobile water treatment solutions available

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MIOX ballast water management article in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

MIOX Article in Maritime ReporterMaritime Reporter and Engineering News magazine publishes an article about MIOX for water management on cruise ships.  The article “MIOX Safe Water Management for Cruise Ships” focuses on numerous water treatment challenges facing the cruise industry today from prevention of gastrointestinal illness and legionella outbreaks.

This week MIOX co-presents “Available Options for Disinfection in Ballast Water Treatment” with marine distribution partners, Howell Laboratories, Inc. at the Ballast Water Management Summit in Long Beach, California.  For more information about this presentation, read the previous blog post here.

If you want to learn more about MIOX water management solutions for cruise ships, click here to contact an industry expert.



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How MIOX Works for Industrial Cooling Water Treatment

MIOX’s patented on-demand chemistries for cooling tower and cooling loop water disinfection improve safety, lower general corrosion rates, increase performance, and save money.  The unique qualities of MIOX chemistries lower corrosion rates by 80% in copper and 50% in steel, resulting in a reduction of downtime, maintenance and expense.  Additionally, MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution and sodium hypochlorite generators improve workplace safety by eliminating the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals while maintaining steady disinfection residuals.

Benefits of Using MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment:

  • Cleans up biofilm in your cooling loop using chlorine + peroxide
  • Reduces biocide costs by 75%
  • Reduces oxidant usage by 15-20%
  • Reduces dosage, ORP and corrosion
  • Effective at higher pHs
  • Safest biocide alternative in the industry
  • Outperforms traditional chemical treatments


Have a project in mind or want to learn more about cooling tower water treatment? Connect with an industry expert here!


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MIOX Presents at Ballast Water Management Summit

Ballast Water Management Summit MIOX Corporation presents at the Ballast Water Management Summit in Long Beach, California in partnership with their maritime distribution partner, Howell Laboratories, Inc.  The presentation titled “Available Options for Disinfection in Ballast Water Treatment” focuses on the multiple water disinfection technologies available to treat ballast water from cavitation or chlorine dioxide, to on-site hypochlorite generation, non-oxidizing biocides, Ozone or UV.

In this presentation, Cem Candir MIOX VP Sales & Marketing and Adam Jones, Howell Labs Director of Business Development for Commercial Products propose an alternative method for ballast water management, on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and UV.  The industry struggles with numerous water treatment challenges from invasive species to water discharge and filtration to disinfection of microorganisms causing legionella and many recreational water illnesses.

Howell Laboratories has been working with MIOX for more than a decade with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution and hypochlorite generators as the core technology offering for water disinfection on cruise and Navy ships.  MIOX systems have been installed on some of the largest and highest value ships in the world from luxury cruise ships to more than a dozen of the U.S. Navy’s largest ships, including all aircraft carriers.

Article from Maritime Reporter and Engineering News: MIOX Safe Water Management for Cruise Ships


To learn more about advanced oxidation, contact an industry expert here.


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Cooling Tower Water Treatment at Top Ammonia Producer in Oklahoma, USA

A top ammonia producer in the United States is successfully keeping their industrial cooling  tower water free of biological contaminants through effective biofilm and algae removal. The facility is taking safety measures by eliminating the use and storage of hazardous chemicals at their facility by using industrial water treatment system with MIOX on-site hypochlorite generator.

Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment


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Produced Water Recycling using Mobile Water Treatment System

The MIOX Blackwater mobile water treatment system has allowed frac and flowback water recycle and reuse in the Fayetteville Shale since Fall 2013.  Lab data from samples taken from the produced water retention ponds show superior SRB and APB kill in addition to hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) removal and iron oxidation.

Produced Water Treatment Field Data 2013

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Cooling Tower Water Treatment at Leading Consumer Goods Manufacture in France

The substitution of conventional biocide treatments with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemical generator has resulted in a biocidal cooling tower water treatment process that costs less and is more effective than isothiazoline and bromine biocides.  The positive results were documented from an installation at a leading consumer goods manufacturer in France.

cooling tower water treatment system

Cooling tower water treatment system

The installation of MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) has been shown to be as effective as utilizing isothiazoline compounds and organic biocides while significantly reducing operation costs.  Water analysis and a real-time ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test showed positive impact to the cooling water when the biocical treatment was changed to MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS).  Also the facility observed low ATP rates with a decreasing trend since the installation of the RIO Zuni systems.


MIOX technology helped the facility meet its objectives of:

1)      Microbiological Control: The new treatment process utilizing MOS is as effective as the previous treatment process (isothiazoline & bromine) at controlling bacterial growth.

2)      Safety & Simplicity: On-site chemical generation eliminated the manipulation of up to 5,500 lb/year biocidal products from filling meters and/or manual injection.  Furthermore, the facility was able to completely eliminate the transportation, storage and handling of delivered chemicals and their containers.

3)      Economic Benefits: Lower operating costs from removing the purchase of delivered biocidal products and switching to on-site generation which utilizes only salt, water and electricity.


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