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Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Common chemical oxidation methods for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), an odor causing chemical formed by the action of anaerobic bacteria in water and wastewater systems include chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.  Case studies and laboratory studies performed to date show that Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) tends to speed reaction rates or drive oxidation reactions to completion compared to sodium hypochlorite.

The oxidation of H2S is a two part reaction in which elemental sulfur (S0 ) is an intermediate before reaching the fully oxidized state as sulfuric acid (H2SO4).  S0 is a solid that must be filtered in municipal applications, so if the reaction cannot be driven to completion with hypochlorite, additional capital equipment must be purchased.   With sufficient dosing, MOS does not require a detention tank, filter system, and head can be maintained from the wells to distribution.

  1. Cl2 + H2S = 2HCl + S0  (reaction may stop here if the hypochlorite dose is not high enough)
  2. S0 + 3Cl2 + 4H2O = 6HCl + H2SO4

The combined reaction is:  H2S + 4Cl2 + 4H2O = 8HCl + H2SO4

WA State Oder Tower Closer

MIOX and odor control in wastewater systems: In 2013, a MIOX MOS Zuni system replaced a bleach caustic chemical program in the trickling filter and scrubber system of a wastewater treatment plant in the state of Washington.   Since its installation, there have been no complaints from nearby neighbors concerning odors from the plant.  The MOS is also used to prevent ponding, or excessive growth of biological material in the media of the filter.  Since the introduction of the Zuni system, which uses only salt and power to generate the Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS), the operators have ceased using the caustic, providing a both safety and cost advantage.  MIOX MOS was used also used to successfully replace hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in a sewer collection system, decreasing the H2S concentrations from 15 mg/L to non-detectable.  Because of the distributed nature of the wastewater collection system, using a small OSG system that can be remotely monitored often provides operational flexibility.




MIOX and Advanced Oxidation Processes:  More recently, MOX’s on-site generators were used in combination with UV to produce hydroxyl radicals.  This process is called an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) and was used to remove MIB (2-methylisoborneol), an odor causing algal byproduct from the intake water at a large municipal facility in the United States.







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RIO Zuni: Revolutionary Cell Technology & Achievement in Design

RIO Zuni is a quite remarkable engineering achievement for MIOX. It is truly the result of years of hard work and innovation, driven by obsessive attention to detail. The elegant simplicity is especially evident with its design: ease of use, small footprint and zero maintenance nature.

Traditionally electro chlorinators were made from multiple parts: separate cell, separate control box and separate plumbing and rectifier. The problem with that is it will have more parts, higher cost, and a bigger footprint.  For an onsite generator that would treat a relatively small application, the traditional design-build approach would not be cost-effective. The huge breakthrough the MIOX Science & Technology Team achieved was to integrate all those parts with just one small box that is placed on a brine tank.

We found a way to manufacture a mixed oxidant generator that is fundamentally small – almost smaller than a residential water softener – with a degree of cell technology that we have never dreamed of before.  After talking to more than 200 end users, we also designed a revolutionary cell just to fulfill their desires. The RIO Zuni electrolytic cell can handle hardness 170 mg/l, which is 10 times more than the standard cell design, almost eliminating the use of softener.

With its self-cleaning capability, it would virtually require zero acid washing or maintenance to the cell. The unit almost looks more beautiful inside than the outside, which testifies how much MIOX cares.


Click here to view Press Release

Click here to view RIO Zuni Product Brochure

RIO Zuni Production Line RIO Zuni Rear View Tank-Unit RIO Zuni

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Winning The Business by Meeting the Customer in the Middle

USA Global Market_logoUSA Global initiated discussions with Proactiva Tunja in early 2012 because this local water management company wants to move away from chlorine gas to a disinfection solution that is safer for the employees and for the community.   Proactiva Tunja is also interested in improving biofilm control in their plant and distribution system.   USA Global Market proposed a MIOX mixed oxidant system to meet both of these needs for drinking water in Tunja, Colombia.

The Tunja WTP will be evaluating the MIOX system for biofilm control, safety, TTHM reduction and disinfection efficacy, and potential for use in pretreatment.  At the end of the 5-year lease Tunja will own their MIOX system and will have already achieved the full return on their investment.

Click here for more details about this Try-and-Buy / Lease project through USA Global Market and  Banco de Occidente.

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50 years of combined MIOX experience in over thousands of installations

Service & Maintenance RIO Marshall MOAs a MIOX sales and distribution partner, we appreciate your role in marketing, sales and servicing of MIOX products. MIOX Customer Service is committed to the ongoing development and support of our partner network’s technical expertise, continuous improvement of MIOX products, and helping achieve the best customer experience possible.

Please utilize our experience and knowledge of on-site generation equipment. Our Service and Engineering Teams have over 50 years of combined MIOX experience in over 3,000 installations in 39 countries. We are here to help you and your customers. As a valued partner, the following services are available to you:

  • 24/7 Customer Service through 1-866-MIOX-HLP or
  • Quarterly Technical Training for general operation of MIOX equipment
  • Distributor Training for applications engineering and commissioning of MIOX equipment

We can also help with:

  • Product Upgrades (i.e. oX Cell, Vault, RIO)
  • Service Contracts designed for optimal operation and preventative maintenance
  • Technical Questions regarding application, installation, maintenance and operation

With global sales and service response capability, MIOX is committed to excellent and timely customer service, great customer experience with MIOX equipment, and a strong, trusting relationship with our partners. Our top priority is to grow safe, sustainable, and cost effective solutions for our end users’ chemical needs. We want to be there with you when you have the need.

Our contact information is posted on the inside of all MIOX units.

And if you happen to misplace our contact information, it’s posted on the inside of all MIOX units.

Municipal Customer Service

For municipal customer service in the U.S., Canada, or the Middle East, contact our partners at Parkson Corporation at:Phone:(888) PARKSON











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Partner of the Quarter: International Chemstar

International Chemstar is an exclusive MIOX distribution partner that has been working with MIOX on-site chemical generators for numerous years some of their accounts in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.   International Chemstar commanded the commercialization of MIOX’s newest product line, RIO Zuni, with their first order of 20 Mixed Oxidant Solution OSGs delivered in September.  This initial set of RIO Zunis installations will be placed in Medical Centers for cooling tower water treatment where there is a heightened concern about biofilm growth and potential Legionella.   They also have a number of RIO Zunis installed at a river water filtration system for power plant make up water.  By mid-2013, International Chemstar will target at least 50 locations for disinfection of cooling towers, water features, secondary disinfection at hospitals, and other large commercial buildings.

International Chemstar Logo


International Chemstar is a progressive organization that addresses the many  environmental, performance, and cost concerns confronting the water treatment industry.  The company specializes in district heating and cooling plants that supply steam, chilled water or high temperature hot water to outlying buildings.  They also provide treatment programs to industrial plants, military bases, Cogen plants, hospitals and large buildings.

The typical Chemstar customer has three to ten chillers in their plants providing 3,000 to 50,000 tons of cooling.  They also treat boilers producing up to 400,000 pounds of steam per hour.  All of these facilities demand clean heat transfer surfaces to minimize energy consumption.  Chemstar supplies the treatments, technologies and service required to meet this need.

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MIOX RIO Zuni Replaces Bottled Water at Large Ukrainian Plant

RIO Zuni at Wood PlantThe largest private laminate wood flooring factory in Krono, Ukraine is not connected to the public water supply system making access to clean, safe water one of its most pressing challenges.

In 2011, Krono began investigating alternative water disinfection methods in an effort to improve the access to safe drinking water at the plant.

The plant management was looking for alternatives to bottled mineral water, the only drinking water source for employees. Krono’s research produced MIOX Corporation’s on-site mixed oxidant generation technology, a technology that creates a non-hazardous disinfectant on site eliminating the need for transporting pre-treated water.

ONIKO logoThe plant contacted MIOX’s representative in Ukraine, ONIKO, after coming across a news report on national television about the first MIOX RIO system at a municipal water treatment plant. The news report featured a Kolomyia family who resumed drinking tap water after the City replaced the old chlorine gas system with a MIOX on-site disinfection system.

Click here to read the full story on how MIOX replaced bottled water at a Ukrainian plant.

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