Biofilm Removal and Other Advantages

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a substance that often forms in water distribution lines, cooling towers, and any other aqueous environment. A biofilm forms when bacteria begin to excrete a slimy, sticky substance that allows them to adhere to surfaces.

The biofilm mass usually consists of many species of bacteria, and can also include:

– Fungi
– Algae
– Protozoa

Biofilm is resistant to chlorine and is difficult to remove once initial adhesion occurs. The biofilm slime shelters disease-causing microorganisms, protecting them from chlorine disinfection. Notably, Legionella pneumophila requires biofilm to survive in piping systems. In addition, biofilm exerts an oxidant demand, consuming disinfectant and requiring higher doses for adequate biological control.

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry effectively eliminates biofilm.

Other side benefits of the MIOX technology in drinking water applications include:

– Microflocculation (reduction of both final turbidity and coagulant chemical doses)
– Iron bacteria control
– Oxidation of iron and manganese
– Oxidation of sulfides
– Breakpoint reaction at low chlorine to nitrogen ratios

Added benefits also carry through to other applications, including cooling towers by:

– Eliminating microbiologically-induced corrosion
– Improving heat transfer efficiencies

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