Groundwater Treatment Challenges in Municipal Water Treatment and the MIOX Solution

This Webinar is the second in a three-part series on drinking water treatment.  In this part, we will conduct a deeper review of groundwater treatment and the challenges therein.  Not only will this webinar cover how MIOX can assist in the cost-effective treatment of groundwater, but this session will also include more details on the chemical reactions involved in the removal of certain contaminants.  Attendees of this webinar can expect to come away with a sound understanding of groundwater treatment for the production of drinking water.

Download webinar slides Challenges in Municipal Drinking Water, Part 2 of 3 

Groundwater Treatment:

  • Typical Process Flow
  • Iron and Manganese Oxidation
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
  • Ammonia Removal Add Media
  • Arsenic 

Click here to download the presentation slides for Challenges in Municipal Drinking Water_Part 2 of 3_2013, a drinking water primer on groundwater and surface water treatment

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