MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment, 4 Case Studies

Download the webinar slides: Cooling Tower Water Treatment_MIOX Superior Disinfection

• Why hypochlorite is not effective for biofilm and legionella control

• Why Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry can replace multiple biocides and improve performance

• How your power plant customer can increase production with better cooling loop chemistry

MIOX offers a superior disinfectant and cost-effective solution for industrial cooling tower water treatment. Our team designs custom chemistries to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By partnering with MIOX, our customers experience a bottom line savings and operational efficiencies, keeping operations running flawlessly.

•Improved safety

•Cost effective

•Reduced environmental impact

•And…improved performance!

•Replacing multiple chemicals: hypochlorite; bromine; possibly algaecides and proprietary biocides

•Low cost of generation

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