MIOX Water Treatment Equipment for On-Site Chemical Generation

MIOX Electrolytic Cells have been optimized to provide a comprehensive line of extremely effective and environmentally-neutral disinfectants.  MIOX’s MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution) and HYPO (sodium hypochlorite solution) chemistries offer unique performance and water disinfection benefits that improve processes for industries including oil and gas water treatment, industrial water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, and municipal drinking and wastewater treatment.

MIOX invests deeply in intellectual property and regularly partners with new industries to develop water treatment technology solutions that meet very unique water disinfection needs.  MIOX holds 25 current patents on their technology with several patents pending and numerous provisional patents.  MIOX also protects several trade secrets focused on electrolytic chemistry, electrolytic cell design and control, electrolysis know-how, and on-site generation design.  Most notably, in the past year MIOX has patented several novel electrolytic chemistries which have an enormous potential for making the world a better place by completely changing the way people approach disinfection.

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