MIOX Hypochlorite Generator: The Manufacturer Makes a Difference

Video Transcription:
So now you’re looking for an on-site hypochlorite generator, but have you considered the differences between manufacturers?

With MIOX, you’ll get:

  • A more efficient and reliable electrolytic cell with a unique design to ensure consistent production across the cell’s surface
  • Patented self-cleaning through reversing polarity of the cells, virtually eliminating the need for acid cleaning
  • Automated flow control that adjusts for unexpected changes in water pressure, reducing operator intervention
  • A single enclosure that dramatically reduces footprint and installation cost, and allows for comprehensive factory testing of the completed system before shipment, plus a modular cell design to easily increase future production capacity within the same enclosure
  • A safer hydrogen venting process via a liquid barrier with no moving parts, electrical requirements, or check valves
  • A fully automated control system with remote control capabilities and monitoring of operational parameters, allowing the system to proactively self-diagnose
  • A unique transformer-less design, which significantly reduces footprint, cost, and weight
  • The option to choose Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) for better biofilm removal and better efficacy
  • Not to mention an elegant design that resists rust and looks brand new for years to come

Most on-site generation systems don’t have it all, but after continuously investing in technology with more than 50 patents, MIOX does, which makes it the most technologically advanced on-site chemical generation product out there.


How MIOX Eliminates Legionella

MIOX controls Legionella.

Our Mixed Oxidant Solution is more effective at removing biofilm and Legionella from water compared to common biocides.

And this isn’t our biased opinion.

We conducted a study comparing disinfection using three oxidizing biocides and three commonly used non-oxidizing biocides against Legionella pneumophila. The organism L. pneumophila is pathogenic and commonly lives within biofilms.

Which means that eradicating the biofilm in cooling towers is the first step towards preventing an outbreak.

There have been two published studies comparing the disinfection effectiveness of MOS with hypochlorite at various pH values. MOS consistently performs better at higher pH against a variety of organisms, including viruses, oocysts, and bacteria. Studies conducted at the University of New Mexico comparing equivalent chlorine concentrations of hypochlorite to MOS showed that, after 10 minutes of exposure at a pH of 8.0, MOS achieved total kill against L.pneumophila and P. aeruginosa while chlorine alone did not.

Click here to read the study.

Entranosa aerial shot

Case Study: How This City’s Water Distribution Serves 250 Square Miles

“I don’t think there’s anything better than MIOX.”

Video Transcription:
Fred Black – Field Manager for Entranosa Water in New Mexico.

Here at Entranosa, we’re spread out for about 250 square miles. About 18 or 19 years ago, we used to use sodium hypochlorite, so it was very heavy and back-breaking. It wasn’t too safe for the workers.

Sodium hypochlorite also, if you don’t use it fast enough, will lose its potency. And so that was another problem was disposing what we didn’t use. We also had problems with biofilm in the pipes. And we also had problems with the injectors really clogging up on a regular basis.

So we’ve been operating here with MIOX now since 1995. The automation is simple, I mean it’s just simple to use. MIOX is a lot cleaner, the biofilm is not there like what I used to see when I first started. It used to be a lot of brown stuff growing inside the pipe. We don’t have that anymore. What’s nice about MIOX is we’re finding out that the effects of the disinfection lasts a lot longer.

We have about 250 square miles that we have to distribute to. We can inject here at the site at the beginning about a .5 or .6 residual cure. By the time you drive 10-14 miles out further, we’re receiving .36, and sometimes .5. I don’t think we have any interference with the biofilm to eat up any of that.

It’s very safe. We’re only dealing with salt. We’re putting salt into these cans, and that’s all we’re dealing with. We don’t have to worry about having a hazard, or a break in the chlorine tank that we have to contain. HAA5s and trihalomethanes are two of the samples which are byproducts of chlorine that we have to control and test for. We have not had a hit since we’ve been using MIOX.

A lot of people that you’ll find out here in the New Mexico area, they buy bottled water to drink. A lot of the folks when they come out to the East Mountain area of Albuquerque, they specifically want to live on Entranosa’s system because they like the water a lot better. It must say something about the taste, and that’s a big plus.

I don’t think there’s anything better than MIOX.

How does MIOX work in my cooling tower water treatment?

Using food grade salt (yes, table salt!), MIOX electrochemical generators create your cooling tower water treatment biocide each day to keep your tower free of bacteria and biofilm.  The MIOX solution can be fed directly into the tower sump or injected into the circulation loop from a buffer tank, and can be controlled by your existing control system, ORP or chlorine analyzer, and link to DCS or SCADA.

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