Press Release: MIOX is Eliminating Water Contamination by Inorganic Disinfection Byproducts

MIOX awarded $150,000 Phase I National Science Foundation SBIR research grant to develop technologies that will impact municipal water treatment and groundwater remediation market verticals

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

Chlorate and perchlorate, two compounds that are regulated in drinking water by some states and that will likely be regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, are related to the disinfection processes used by many utilities. These compounds arise from either natural degradation of concentrated hypochlorite or through chlorine on-site generation processes. While the degradation of concentrated hypochlorite is fairly well understood, the mechanisms responsible for chlorate and perchlorate production during brine electrolysis are much less clear. 

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According to Hazen and Sawyer’s Dr. Stanford “There is enormous variability in output of chlorate from on-site hypochlorite generators, and in many cases those levels would likely exceed the EPA’s health reference level of 210 parts per billion at normal chlorine use levels.  In light of EPA’s potential regulation of chlorate, a technology that can minimize its formation will be of utmost importance to the water industry.”

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