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Biofilm Removal | Water Treatment Technology

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a safe, user-friendly and viable chemical treatment method for biofilm removal, microbiological control, and water disinfection.  MOS chemistry has shown in multiple applications and third-party research to have a significant impact on industries that utilize water treatment chemicals – including municipal water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, industrial water treatment, food and beverage sanitation applications, oil and gas water, and aquatics water.

What is biofilm?

Below is a time-lapse video of biofilm removal using MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution.  The video shows 4 weeks of biofilm growth removed for 5 hours at a 12ppm dose of MOS with before and after pictures as well.  For more videos about MIOX technology and on-site generation, visit our Videos page.


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Krono Wood Processing Plant in Krono Ukraine

Testimonial_ONIKO RIO Zuni at Wood Plant pic.docx

My MIOX: RIO Zuni, Elfin pilot unit City: Krono
Company Name: ONIKO State:
Name: Anatolii Kolesnikov Country: UKRAINE
Title: President Application: Drinking Water Disinfection
MY MIOX EXPERIENCE: The largest private laminate wood flooring factory in Krono, Ukraine is not connected to the public water supply system making access to clean, safe water one of its most pressing challenges.

In 2011, Krono began investigating alternative water disinfection methods in an effort to improve the access to safe drinking water at the plant. The plant management was looking for alternatives to bottled mineral water, the only drinking water source for employees. Krono’s research produced MIOX Corporation’s on-site mixed oxidant generation technology, a technology that creates a non-hazardous disinfectant on site eliminating the need for transporting pre-treated water. The plant contacted MIOX’s representative in Ukraine, ONIKO, after coming across a news report on national television about the first MIOX RIO system at a municipal water treatment plant. The news report featured a Kolmyia family who resumed drinking tap water after the City replaced the old chlorine gas system with a MIOX on-site disinfection system.

Today the plant uses well water as its raw water source and produces 150 m3/day of treated water sufficient for the needs of its 350 employees. The RIO Zuni unit is simple and easy to operate, and designed to operate in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. The existing engineering staff at the Krono plant oversees the installation after a short training session.

Dosing 1.5 mg/l mixed oxidants, the drinking water at the plant now maintains a solid level of 0.5 mg/l residual throughout the factory. Because of the unique disinfection properties of MIOX mixed oxidants, biofilm buildup in the distribution system was eliminated.

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Winning The Business by Meeting the Customer in the Middle

USA Global Market_logoUSA Global initiated discussions with Proactiva Tunja in early 2012 because this local water management company wants to move away from chlorine gas to a disinfection solution that is safer for the employees and for the community.   Proactiva Tunja is also interested in improving biofilm control in their plant and distribution system.   USA Global Market proposed a MIOX mixed oxidant system to meet both of these needs for drinking water in Tunja, Colombia.

The Tunja WTP will be evaluating the MIOX system for biofilm control, safety, TTHM reduction and disinfection efficacy, and potential for use in pretreatment.  At the end of the 5-year lease Tunja will own their MIOX system and will have already achieved the full return on their investment.

Click here for more details about this Try-and-Buy / Lease project through USA Global Market and  Banco de Occidente.

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