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Payback Curve on Bulk Bleach Alternative

In this video, Tom explains the return on investment you can expect by replacing delivered bulk bleach with a MIOX chemical generator.  The payback curve uses three  typical costs per gallon of hypochlorite to illustrate a variety of ROI calculations. 

MIOX chemical generators produce a chlorine-based disinfectant using only salt, water and electricity, eliminating the need to transport, store and handle hazardous chemicals. How it works

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Case Study: Biofilm Reduction Boosts Power Output at a Cost 50% Lower than Bulk Hypo

MIOX’s on-demand generated chemistry boosts production of one of the major Puerto Rico power plants by 7%, achieving annual savings of $34 million. 

Read the full Case Study of efficiencies gained at PREPA’s Palo Seco Power Plant on the MIOX website.Replace delivered hypochlorite at lower cost and better efficacy


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