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Cooling Tower Water Treatment at Leading Consumer Goods Manufacture in France

The substitution of conventional biocide treatments with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemical generator has resulted in a biocidal cooling tower water treatment process that costs less and is more effective than isothiazoline and bromine biocides.  The positive results were documented from an installation at a leading consumer goods manufacturer in France.

cooling tower water treatment system

Cooling tower water treatment system

The installation of MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) has been shown to be as effective as utilizing isothiazoline compounds and organic biocides while significantly reducing operation costs.  Water analysis and a real-time ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test showed positive impact to the cooling water when the biocical treatment was changed to MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS).  Also the facility observed low ATP rates with a decreasing trend since the installation of the RIO Zuni systems.


MIOX technology helped the facility meet its objectives of:

1)      Microbiological Control: The new treatment process utilizing MOS is as effective as the previous treatment process (isothiazoline & bromine) at controlling bacterial growth.

2)      Safety & Simplicity: On-site chemical generation eliminated the manipulation of up to 5,500 lb/year biocidal products from filling meters and/or manual injection.  Furthermore, the facility was able to completely eliminate the transportation, storage and handling of delivered chemicals and their containers.

3)      Economic Benefits: Lower operating costs from removing the purchase of delivered biocidal products and switching to on-site generation which utilizes only salt, water and electricity.


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Veolia Signs Agreement To Distribute MIOX Technology

Veolia Solutions&technologiesWe are pleased to announce our new distribution agreement with Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies for cooling tower water treatmentwastewater reuseindustrial water treatment and downstream oil and gas water applications.  This partnership joins two industry experts and marks a major milestone for both Veolia and MIOX.

This new arrangement with Veolia is consistent with the MIOX approach of establishing long-term partnerships with quality companies that have the ability to focus on specific market segments in select geographies.  To read the full press release, click here.


“This is an exciting development for Veolia, MIOX technology brings a competitive edge to Veolia’s portfolio by effectively removing biofilm, reducing chemical usage and reducing carbon footprint.”

 – Nathalie Martin-Ionesco, Global Director of Hydrex (Veolia’s water treatment chemicals range)


About Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is the Veolia Water subsidiary specialized in technical solutions and design & build projects for water and wastewater treatment, for industrial and municipal clients.


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Water and Wastewater Treatment | Water Treatment Technology

MIOX Corporation is the technical and market leader for on-site generated chemistries whose mission is to develop, produce and distribute innovative on-site generation products while reducing costs for our customers, and improving safety and process efficiency.  MIOX MOS and HYPO on-site generation disinfection chemistries are replacing delivered sodium hypochlorite, biocides and algaecides in many industries across the globe.

Offering a comprehensive product line of on-site disinfectant generator designed to solve virtually every water disinfection treatment challenge, MIOX chemistries are used for Municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, aquatics water, hospital disinfectant, secondary disinfection and legionella treatment, food and beverage processing, livestock watering and farm sanitation solutions, and oil and gas water and produced water treatment.

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MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment, 4 Case Studies

Download the webinar slides: Cooling Tower Water Treatment_MIOX Superior Disinfection

• Why hypochlorite is not effective for biofilm and legionella control

• Why Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry can replace multiple biocides and improve performance

• How your power plant customer can increase production with better cooling loop chemistry

MIOX offers a superior disinfectant and cost-effective solution for industrial cooling tower water treatment. Our team designs custom chemistries to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By partnering with MIOX, our customers experience a bottom line savings and operational efficiencies, keeping operations running flawlessly.

•Improved safety

•Cost effective

•Reduced environmental impact

•And…improved performance!

•Replacing multiple chemicals: hypochlorite; bromine; possibly algaecides and proprietary biocides

•Low cost of generation

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