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MIOX Vault 45 lbs/day Mixed Oxidant Solution

Meeting Increased Demand for Chilled Water in Downtown Chicago

In collaboration with Fehr Solutions, Chicago based company Thermal Chicago recently upgraded their cooling tower treatment process to include a larger MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemical generator.  Previously, Thermal Chicago had utilized a MIOX Dual SAL 80 system (20 lbs/day FAC) at one of their cooling facilities.  To meet the increased demand for chilled water, they have purchased a new state-of-the-art MOX Vault M45 system (45 lbs/day FAC).  

Thermal Chicago Corporation owns and operates the world’s largest interconnected district cooling system, currently serving about 100 buildings in downtown Chicago.  As a result of proven reliability and long standing track record since 1995, customers in Chicago continue to turn to Thermal Chicago district cooling service for their chilled water needs for air-conditioning in condominiums, commercial and industrial facilities.MIOX Vault 45 lbs/day Mixed Oxidant Solution

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General Motors (GM) Raising Technology Standards with MIOX for Cooling Loop Disinfection

General Motors (GM) engine manufacturing plant in Toluca, Mexico was looking for environmentally friendly technologies that promote economic growth while raising technology standards. Through MIOX Mexico distributor Medición y Control para Aguas de América (MECOPAA), FATA Automation and Aluminum procured 5 RIO Zunis for General Motors.  Each of the MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry generators will be used for cooling tower water treatment at the plant.  The installation of the MIOX equipment is part of GM’s investment in the Toluca motor plant to build small, fuel-efficient engines for the NAFTA and Latin American automotive market.

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Press Release: MIOX Presents at Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

Increasing Power Plant Output Using a New Methodology for Cooling Loop Maintenance

Tom Muilenberg, MIOX Director of Commercial Operations and Cem Candir, MIOX VP of Sales & Marketing will present the technical paper “How Stripping Biofilm from the Cooling Water Loop Impacts Power Plant Production Output” at the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference in Corpus Christi, TX on Monday, February 4, 2013.

MIOX presents a cost effective and CTI Conferenceenvironmentally friendly methodology to biofilm control within the cooling water loop. This proven approach utilizes MIOX patented technology and Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry for improved heat exchange efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in power plant production output.

“The switch to MOS chemistry from bulk hypochlorite allowed one of our power plant customers to condense return steam more efficiently. Besides achieving operational cost less than the bulk hypochlorite, the power plant added $30 million worth of power annually in to the grid.” noted Mr. Candir.


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MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment, 4 Case Studies

Download the webinar slides: Cooling Tower Water Treatment_MIOX Superior Disinfection

• Why hypochlorite is not effective for biofilm and legionella control

• Why Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry can replace multiple biocides and improve performance

• How your power plant customer can increase production with better cooling loop chemistry

MIOX offers a superior disinfectant and cost-effective solution for industrial cooling tower water treatment. Our team designs custom chemistries to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By partnering with MIOX, our customers experience a bottom line savings and operational efficiencies, keeping operations running flawlessly.

•Improved safety

•Cost effective

•Reduced environmental impact

•And…improved performance!

•Replacing multiple chemicals: hypochlorite; bromine; possibly algaecides and proprietary biocides

•Low cost of generation

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