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How On-Site Chemical Generation Works, The Electrolysis Process

On-site generation of chemistries for water disinfection is a technology that is based on decades-old scientific principles.  MIOX on-site generators (OSGs) use an electrolysis process that takes a solution of sodium chloride (salt) and water and applies electricity, to produce chlorine-based disinfection chemistry.  Expertly designed Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and sodium hypochlorite generators from MIOX give customers the freedom to produce disinfectants in the amount they need, when they need it.  Because of the benefits that OSGs provide, many industries and water treatment companies are switching to on-site chemical generation and moving away from more traditional chlorine delivery systems such as chlorine gas, concentrated sodium hypochlorite, and bulk calcium hypochlorite.

MIOX chemistries have multiple water disinfection application including
Municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, aquatics water, hospital disinfectant, secondary disinfection and legionella treatment, food and beverage processing, livestock watering and farm sanitation solutions, and oil and gas water and produced water treatment.

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Drinking Water Treatment, Reduce Disinfection Byproducts

MIOX is a cutting-edge technology company that has been making EPA approved safe drinking water for close to twenty years. Many communities are turning to MIOX clean water technology for their surface water treatment and groundwater water treatment because Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a proven disinfectant for cost-effectively reducing disinfection byproducts and improving the quality and safety of drinking water.

MIOX’s extensive experience in water disinfection ranges from rural communicates to large cities with more than 10 million people – such as city of Bogota, Columbia (testimonial) where MIOX on-site chemical generation cost-effectively replaced dangerous chlorine gas.

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Press Release: MIOX Presents at Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

Increasing Power Plant Output Using a New Methodology for Cooling Loop Maintenance

Tom Muilenberg, MIOX Director of Commercial Operations and Cem Candir, MIOX VP of Sales & Marketing will present the technical paper “How Stripping Biofilm from the Cooling Water Loop Impacts Power Plant Production Output” at the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) Conference in Corpus Christi, TX on Monday, February 4, 2013.

MIOX presents a cost effective and CTI Conferenceenvironmentally friendly methodology to biofilm control within the cooling water loop. This proven approach utilizes MIOX patented technology and Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry for improved heat exchange efficiency, resulting in a significant increase in power plant production output.

“The switch to MOS chemistry from bulk hypochlorite allowed one of our power plant customers to condense return steam more efficiently. Besides achieving operational cost less than the bulk hypochlorite, the power plant added $30 million worth of power annually in to the grid.” noted Mr. Candir.


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Press Release: MIOX Cooling Tower Disinfection Boosts Power Plant Production by 7%

Read the full Press Release on the MIOX website.

“Once MIOX was introduced into the system, results were seen immediately and the energy load of the plant increased,” said Carlos Eli Torres, Senior Chemist at Palo Seco Power Plant. “The efficiencies gained from increased load production, reduced chemical and water usage, and lower operations and maintenance costs added up to over $34 million per year in savings. The operation cost of the MIOX unit was roughly a quarter of the bulk hypochlorite price. The switch to MIOX was a no brainer.”

 “Not only the cost advantage, but also the effectiveness of the MIOX unit was quite visible and it was another testament of how effective the Mixed Oxidant Solution was removing biofilm,” said Tom Muilenberg, MIOX Director of Commercial Operations. ”Cleaner condenser tubing resulted in increased heat transfer, allowing them to operate their turbines at a higher load at a fraction of bulk Hypochlorite cost.”


Before_ NTS PREPA_3 pictures

After_NTS PREPA_3 pictures














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Case Study: Biofilm Reduction Boosts Power Output at a Cost 50% Lower than Bulk Hypo

MIOX’s on-demand generated chemistry boosts production of one of the major Puerto Rico power plants by 7%, achieving annual savings of $34 million. 

Read the full Case Study of efficiencies gained at PREPA’s Palo Seco Power Plant on the MIOX website.Replace delivered hypochlorite at lower cost and better efficacy


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MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment (Full length version)

Download the webinar slides: Cooling Tower Water Treatment_MIOX Superior Disinfection

MIOX offers a superior disinfectant and cost-effective solution for industrial cooling tower water treatment. Our team designs custom chemistries to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals. By partnering with MIOX, our customers experience a bottom line savings and operational efficiencies, keeping operations running flawlessly.

•Improved safety
•Cost effective
•Reduced environmental impact
•And…improved performance!
•Replacing multiple chemicals: hypochlorite; bromine; possibly algaecides and proprietary biocides
•Low cost of generation

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