Tech Brief: Electrochemical Generated Disinfectants by Dr. Andrew Boal

MIOX electrochemical generators, or On-Site Generator (OSG), combine salt, water and power to generate your water disinfection on site and on demand.

The electrolytic cell, where the oxidants are produced, is central to the OSG process. Electrolytic cells consist of two electrodes, the anode and cathode. The cells are arranged so both electrodes make contact with the water and brine solution mixture. When the OSG is activated, an electrical current flows through the cell, causing chemical reactions on the surfaces of both electrodes that eventually produce the disinfectant.

MIOX electrolytic cells are developed with a proprietary geometrical design, electrolytic scheme, and solution flow characteristics. This proprietary knowledge is what allows MIOX to lead the hypochlorite market in terms of efficacy, stability, ease of use, safety and, in most cases, cost.

MIOX works in partnership with your site and current water treatment professional. We offer flexible procurement options ranging from capital sale, lease and rentals.

Read our Tech Brief: Electrochemical Generated Disinfectants by Dr. Andrew Boal for the full chemical reaction, technical explanation and applications breakdown. Click here to access. the PDF online.

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