On Site Hypochlorite Generator compared to Bulk Hypochlorite

Delivered vs. On-Site GenerationIs less better than more?  It might be in most cases, but in the case of disinfection chemicals, using less chemical to complete the job is always better than using more.  On Site Hypochlorite Generation could be your answer.

Chlorine gas is usually the disinfection chemical of choice for municipal potable water and wastewater systems due to its low cost and ease of maintenance.

However, the hazardous status of chlorine gas and its potential as a terrorist target are driving many facilities to consider alternative disinfection methods.  The decision frequently comes down to a choice between commercial sodium hypochlorite delivered in bulk and sodium hypochlorite on-site generators (OSG’s).

Below is a white paper that shows why on-site generators are a more favorable solution than delivered hypo, with a better safety record, more favorable lifecycle costs, ease of operation and maintenance, and an improved carbon footprint.  Addresses in the paper are the following factors:

  • Cost
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Environmental Impact
  • Safety

Download by clicking the image below!

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