Case Study: How a Cooling Plant Dramatically Increased Safety and Reduced Costs

How did this centralized cooling plant transform their underperforming cooling towers and turn them into the biggest safety improvement in the facility’s history?

The funny thing about this installation was that after rolling out a 30-week testing phase with MIOX to monitor performance, we discovered they were using a lot more biocide than originally thought. That meant that the size of the on-site chemical generators they were using in this test phase were actually smaller than what they actually needed.

But this is where things got interesting.

Even though the generators were too small, MIOX performed just as well as their old solution, but did it at a fraction of the cost, and while drastically improving the entire plant’s safety.

They used to receive deliveries of five 650-gallon chemical totes and chlorine dioxide. With MIOX, they were replaced with one delivery of table salt. With MIOX’s patented Mixed Oxidant Solution, all you need is: salt, water, and electricity to generate the chemicals on-site.

Click here to read the full case study that includes the breakdown of chemical levels and cost comparisons before and after the deployment.