cooling water treatment at melting plant

Cooling Water Treatment at European Auto Manufacturer

A leading automotive manufacturer switches to MIOX for their cooling tower biocide on 5 separate cooling systems at their melting plant.  Using a single MIOX electrochemical generator, the facility is able to produce their cooling water treatment chemical on site using just salt, water and electricity.  The positive results, operator feedback and elimination of 10 tons of delivered chemicals per year have convinced the Customer’s purchasing and HSE departments to implement MIOX equipment at two other manufacturing plants in France.


  • 5 independent systems treated separately at multiple dosing points
  • Glutaraldehyde alternating with MI/CMI demanding 5 tons each/yr
  • High pressure from the HSE department to drastically reduce the use of hazardous chemicals on-site
  • A zinc based anticorrosion product
  • Low effectiveness on legionella


  • Fewer hours dedicated to the maintenance of the water treatment program
  • Closed 8 dosing stations
  • Reduced chemical handling by 80%
  • Automatic control of the MOS in tower circulation
  • No more toxic chemicals on site (Glut and MI/CMI)
  • No legionella detection
  • ROI < 16 months
Cooling water biocide at auto manufacture melting plant in Europe

On-site generation of the cooling tower biocide has significantly reduced chemical handling at the automotive manufacturing melting plant.

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