District cooling in Chicago, Illinois

District Cooling in Chicago Eliminates Hazardous Chemicals Transportation, Storage and Handling

World’s largest district cooling center in Chicago, Illinois improves operations and eliminates hazardous delivered chemicals with new disinfection system using MIOX electrochemical generation.

A major player in Chicago’s water treatment industry piloted MIOX water treatment chemicals for cooling tower water treatment back in 2006.  Since proving MIOX’s Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) chemistry as a superior alternative to delivered biocides including bromine and isothiazoline, the facility has continued to utilize MIOX chlorine generator systems with a recent equipment upgrade.

MIOX on-site chemical generators create water disinfectants on site using just salt, water and electricity.Download Case Study Here - Click


MIOX Vault_Thermal ChicagoThe MIOX equipment upgrade and application success has been documented in a case study recently published by MIOX.  Download the case study to learn how Thermal Chicago replaced bromine with on-site chemical generation, effectively eliminating 50 barrels of dangerous chemicals in downtown Chicago each week, improving operations, and achieving a return on capital investment in less than 16 months.

This case study highlights a truly “green” and sustainable technology for water treatment.


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