Cost effective replacement for chlorine gas and hypochlorite

Businesses and communities around the world are replacing their chlorine gas and bulk hypochlorite systems with MIOX hypochlorite generators.  

The most cost effective replacement for chlorine gas, MIOX won’t break the bank when you convert from your gas system.  Using only salt and water for generation, there are no hazardous chemicals to store greatly improving safety and handling for your employees and neighboring communities.

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We have over twenty years of experience in the water disinfection market, thousands of MIOX installations in over 50 countries, and we clean over 8 billion gallons of water per day.

This is the MIOX difference:


  • Eliminate hazardous chemicals stored on-site.


  • Fresh, active disinfectant
  • Avoid chemical degradation rom time and heat.


  • Reduce trucking by 80%
  • Eliminate handling of hazardous material and substitute with table salt

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