data center cooling tower water treatment chemicals

Data Center Cooling Centralizes Water Treatment Program

A massive data center in France switched to MIOX cooling tower water treatment chemicals for their nine (9) cooling towers.  The facility was able to remove all the chemical biocides stored on site while achieving better bacteriological control including Legionella contamination prevention.


  • MI/CMI treatment shock dose twice a week.
  • BCDMH continuously injected with a brominator installed bypass the common return pipe
  • Biodispersant continuously injected
  • Frequent legionella contaminations
  • No understanding of what was happening within the system in terms of biological contamination


  • 1 centralized location for MIOX electrochemical generator from where 9 injection points leave to the 9 cooling systems
  • No more legionella contamination
  • Better bacteriological control while removing all the chemical biocide
data center cooling tower water treatment

The data center simplified their cooling tower water treatment by replacing their complex three-chemical biocide program with on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution.


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