District cooling in Paris, France

District Cooling in Paris, France Chooses Safety and Reliability

Europe’s largest district cooling system serving 200,000 individuals in downtown Paris, France has been using MIOX for cooling tower water treatment since 2010.


  • Anticorrosion treatment based on Zinc technology
  • MI/CMI injection twice a week : 30 tons per year
  • DBNPA injection twice a week : 10 tons per year
  • Regular presence of flora causing interferences during the
    legionella tests.


  • MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution for biofilm and microbiological control
  • Anticorrosion treatment based on a special formula 100% compatible with the MOS solution – Metallic salts Free
  • The continuous disinfection process is now monitored and controlled
  • Elimated 40 tons of chemical biocides transportation, handling & storage
  • No legionella detection
  • Less Eco toxic waste
  • No chemical accidents on site
  • ROI of less than 14 months saving hundreds of thousands over the equipment life
disinfection for district cooling in Paris France

MIOX SAL-80 electrochemical generators treating cooling tower water in Paris, France


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