Recycled waste water for cooling tower make up

Semiconductor Manufacturer Recycles Waste Water for Cooling Tower Make up

A major semiconductor manufacturing facility replaces bromine and hypochlorite water treatment regimen with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution to recycle tooling process water for industrial cooling tower water treatment. The installation is particularly important as it proves yet again Mixed Oxidant Solution as an effective biocide for ammonia-laden waste water and in high pH environments.  Furthermore, the facility will:

  • Save over $240,000/year on chemical costs alone with MIOX
  • Improve plant safety by eliminating 10,000 gallons of chemical stored on site
  • Reduce corrosion (mild steel & copper)
  • Reduce chemical dose

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MIOX Senior Scientist, Dr. Andy Boal, will present a paper on the topic at the 2015 Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) conference, “Alternative To Bromine Improves Cooling Water Microbial Control and Overall Treatment”.

Watch this video to learn how MIOX works in cooling towers:



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