How does MIOX work in my cooling tower water treatment?

Using food grade salt (yes, table salt!), MIOX electrochemical generators create your cooling tower water treatment biocide each day to keep your tower free of bacteria and biofilm.  The MIOX solution can be fed directly into the tower sump or injected into the circulation loop from a buffer tank, and can be controlled by your existing control system, ORP or chlorine analyzer, and link to DCS or SCADA.

  • Eliminate chemicals transported, stored and handled at your site
  • Avoid chemical degradation by producing your water treatment chemical fresh each day
  • Lower corrosion rates in copper and steel
  • Eliminate pH adjustment and for alkaline programs where bromine is used, MIOX is effective at elevated pHs
  • Remove biofilm and prevent its regrowth. and eliminate Legionella bacteria growth
  • MIOX is generated at less than 0.5% concentration

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cooling tower water treatment biocide with electrochemical generation

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