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Industrial Cooling Tower Eliminates 650 Gallon Chemical Totes and Improves Microbial Control

The customer replaced proprietary biocides (stabilized bromine and glutaraldehyde) with Mixed Oxidant Solution for their industrial cooling tower water treatment and improved microbial control while reducing cost. The project started as a two-phase pilot study to find a safe, sustainable and “chemical free” biocide for cooling towers and closed loop disinfection.  The customer decided to test MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) which is a low-concentration, chlorine-based solution that is produced on site using just salt, water and electricity.

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The full-scale installation is replacing bromine and glutaraldehyde for cooling towers and chlorine dioxide in the closed chilled loop circuit.

  • Less than 18 months ROI over the course of two running seasons
  • Elimination of 650 gallon chemical totes and chlorine dioxide.  Replaced with a single delivery of table salt
  • Non-hazardous solution generated on site at less than 0.5% concentration.  No PPE.
  • 75% reduction in chemical treatment costs at $70k+ savings / year
MIOX cooling tower water treatment using electrochemical generation

MIOX Vault M60 Mixed Oxidant Solution Generator treating three cooling towers at centralized cooling plant

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