Introducing… BLACKWATER-S!

Announcing the launch of our new MIOX Blackwater-S mobilized water treatment unit. Built with a RIO-S 1200 lb/day Mixed Oxidant Solution generation system as the core of the unit, a Blackwater-S can produce 50% more oxidant than MIOX’s Blackwater series of mobile systems but still comes packaged in 40 foot toy trailer that can be hauled with a pickup truck.









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Designed to handle even the toughest produced water, MIOX’s Blackwater-S units generate enough oxidant treat 45,000 – 135,000 bbl/day (30 – 100 bbl/min) of “typical” produced water and as much as 690,000 bbl/day (480 bbl/min) of freshwater, giving this system the ability to handle large frac jobs using either fresh or produced water. On top of increased oxidant production capacity, MIOX has also developed a number of operational and process improvements that make Blackwater and Blackwater-S units less expensive, safer, and easier to operate, giving operators both cost savings as well as more time to complete other tasks on busy job sites.

While MIOX’s Blackwater and Blackwater-S units are engineered to meet the rigors of frac-on-the-fly water treatment, they are ideal for any scenario where an oxidizing biocide is needed as part of an overall water treatment program. These mobile units can be delivered to remote locations, and using only salt, water, and electricity as inputs, they can be used to disinfect waters in midstream recycling facilities, water floods for enhanced oil recovery, produced water storage ponds, or salt water disposal wells.Blackwater 2 in West Texas 2014.04 - CopyBlackwater I Arkansas_pano - CopyBlackwater (4)Blackwater O&G produced water treatment panoramic sm