MIOX at NIPSCO Power Plant


My MIOX: RIO M-5 City: Valparaiso
Company Name: Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) State: Indiana
Name: Paul Schrock Country: UNITED STATES
Title: Senior Chemist Application: Cooling Towers
MY MIOX EXPERIENCE: Disinfection of our Company’s generating station cooling tower waters has always been a critical priority and costly undertaking. NIPSCO has historically employed the simultaneous feed of various combinations of treatment chemicals in order to control the bio growth and hazardous bacteria species in these systems.Our Company was looking for a more cost effective treatment regimen that would yield better bio-control results. We thought that we should be getting more “bang for our buck” with the multi-chemical treatment regimen we were using. Although we were aware that onsite oxidant generator technology existed, we were not aware of a particular manufacturer’s ability to provide a reliable, long-term machine that could produce the volume and quality of oxidant product that we need on a daily basis. Fortunately, our eyes were opened by the MIOX Corporation in late 2008 … they reportedly had a quality product that would meet our needs.After much discussion, evaluation, and training on the product, we decided to purchase and install a “RIO M-5,” 300 LB/Day FAC (9,000 gallons per day of 0.4% mixed oxidant solution) system at one of our large cooling towers. Due to the stringent provisions of our environmental discharge permit, the entire system needed to be fully automated in order to ensure that violations of the permit would be virtually impossible. The entire MIOX system was very conducive to automation and has now been INSERV on a 24-7 basis since April, 2010 – yielding equal, if not better, disinfection performance results as before.

Reducing our treatment regimen from 3 different products down to a single mixed oxidant product (generated on site) has resulted in substantial treatment chemical and labor cost savings. We are pleased that we were able to find a top-notch company (MIOX) that actually produced an equally impressive product, and may look to install additional similar systems at other cooling tower locations.