How MIOX Eliminates Legionella

MIOX controls Legionella.

Our Mixed Oxidant Solution is more effective at removing biofilm and Legionella from water compared to common biocides.

And this isn’t our biased opinion.

We conducted a study comparing disinfection using three oxidizing biocides and three commonly used non-oxidizing biocides against Legionella pneumophila. The organism L. pneumophila is pathogenic and commonly lives within biofilms.

Which means that eradicating the biofilm in cooling towers is the first step towards preventing an outbreak.

There have been two published studies comparing the disinfection effectiveness of MOS with hypochlorite at various pH values. MOS consistently performs better at higher pH against a variety of organisms, including viruses, oocysts, and bacteria. Studies conducted at the University of New Mexico comparing equivalent chlorine concentrations of hypochlorite to MOS showed that, after 10 minutes of exposure at a pH of 8.0, MOS achieved total kill against L.pneumophila and P. aeruginosa while chlorine alone did not.

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