cooling tower water treatment Phoenix, Arizona

District Energy Centers in Phoenix, Arizona replace Bromine with MIOX for Cooling Tower Water

Two major district energy centers in Phoenix, Arizona, USA replace cocktail of chemicals (stabilized bromine, anti-corrosion, antiscalant) with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution for cooling tower water.  The stabilized bromine regimen was replaced with two (2) MIOX Vault M30s at each facility.  MIOX on-site Mixed Oxidant Solution and chlorine generators require only salt, water and electricity to produce extremely effective, yet environmentally-benign water disinfectants a the point of use.

Mixed Oxidant Solution has been proven in multiple studies and applications to be better at biofilm removal and microbial inactivation, while lowering water treatment costs and improving facility safety.

MIOX Vault M30 Mixed Oxidant Solution generator

MIOX Vault M30 Mixed Oxidant Solution on-site chemical generator replaces stabilized bromine at one of two major district energy facilities in Arizona




















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