Replacing Chlorine Gas for Drinking Water Disinfection | Customer Testimonial

MIOX representative Mario Afanador from USA Global Market interviews engineer Carlos Rincon from the Wiesner Water Treatment Plant, where their large MIOX RIO Grande system is cost-effectively producing safe drinking water for the citizens of Bogota, Colombia.

Increasing concern over storage of high quantities of chlorine gas was one of the initial drivers behind switching to on-site generation in Bogota.  Chlorine gas causes suffocation when inhaled at high concentrations.  The second driver was to improve efficacy of water treatment against microorganisms in distribution such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium.  MIOX on-site chemical generation technology uses only salt, water and electricity to generate a dilute disinfectant.  Creating disinfectant on site is safe, cost-effective and environmentally responsible; reducing transportation of hazardous chemicals and the associated carbon emissions, and eliminating the storage and handling of chemicals.

MIOX has been making safe drinking water for twenty years.  The company’s extensive experience in water disinfection ranges from rural communicates and large cities to disaster relief efforts.   Many cities are turning to MIOX chemistries for their permanent drinking water treatment because the chemistry is a proven disinfectant for cost-effectively reducing disinfection byproducts and improving the quality and safety of drinking water.

In additional to the increased safety for communities and treatment plant operators, MOS has been proven in numerous laboratory studies to achieve more rapid and thorough inactivation of a wider range of microbial contaminants. MOS usually is several orders of magnitude more effective in microbial contaminant inactivation than conventional chlorine and chlorine gas, achieving up to 2 logs higher inactivation of even extremely resistant organisms.

MIOX’s MOS disinfection chemistry reduces Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.coli and cholera contamination by 99.99%.

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