MIOX Industrial Video

How MIOX Works in Cooling Towers

Video Transcription:
If you’re thinking that you can’t save money while improving water quality in your cooling tower, then think again. Reality is: you have biological growth in your cooling system. Even if it’s not apparent or easy to see. To make matters worse, you’re paying too much for your bulk hypochlorite or your biocide.

Imagine cutting that cost by more than half and improving your results at the same time. Now you can with MIOX. MIOX is cheaper because your chemical is generated on-site. We don’t have trucking. Your disinfectant is made fresh each day. The only operating costs are salt and electricity. It’s more effective so you don’t need as much, and it doesn’t degrade like bleach.

MIOX is generated using environmentally-friendly ingredients: salt, water, and electricity. It’s so safe that it offers no health or safety hazards to your site or your people whatsoever. A <1% concentration means no PPE, no reporting, and an HMIS rating of:

1 for health
0 for flammability
0 physical hazard

In other words, it’s safer than hand sanitizer. Here’s how it works in your tower: MIOX replaces all biocides used in your water systems. MIOX offers a combination of bleach and peroxide which is as effective as chlorine dioxide. The peroxide creates fissures in the biofilm, allowing the hypochlorite to kill underneath the slime layer. This reduces chemical dosing and lowers the ORP, in turn, lowering the corrosivity of water and allowing inhibitors to be more effective. And for alkaline programs where bromine is used, MIOX is effective at elevated pHs.

A recent industrial client used MIOX and increased their production capacity by 7%, producing millions in additional savings. MIOX can offer you a solution that’s cheaper, safer, and more effective — making your job easier, and making you look like a hero.