Press Release: MIOX Launches the New RIO Zuni for Mid-Size Cooling Towers at the

Biofilm eradication and prevention of potential Legionella spread is achieved safely and economically while reducing chemical usage and operation costs

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

“We listened to what customers were asking for. This is a revolutionary design from many aspects including ability to handle 10X harder water than anything else on the market, and self-cleaning to eliminate the need for acid washing,” said Justin Sanchez, MIOX Chief Technology Officer. “It is as easy as operating a residential water softener.”

MOS is generated on-site, on-demand with remarkable disinfectant capabilities even at higher 8-10 pH levels attributed to a synergy between sodium hypochlorite and trace hydrogen peroxide that coexist within 48 hours of generation.

RIO Zuni Production Line












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