RIO Zuni: Revolutionary Cell Technology & Achievement in Design

RIO Zuni is a quite remarkable engineering achievement for MIOX. It is truly the result of years of hard work and innovation, driven by obsessive attention to detail. The elegant simplicity is especially evident with its design: ease of use, small footprint and zero maintenance nature.

Traditionally electro chlorinators were made from multiple parts: separate cell, separate control box and separate plumbing and rectifier. The problem with that is it will have more parts, higher cost, and a bigger footprint.  For an onsite generator that would treat a relatively small application, the traditional design-build approach would not be cost-effective. The huge breakthrough the MIOX Science & Technology Team achieved was to integrate all those parts with just one small box that is placed on a brine tank.

We found a way to manufacture a mixed oxidant generator that is fundamentally small – almost smaller than a residential water softener – with a degree of cell technology that we have never dreamed of before.  After talking to more than 200 end users, we also designed a revolutionary cell just to fulfill their desires. The RIO Zuni electrolytic cell can handle hardness 170 mg/l, which is 10 times more than the standard cell design, almost eliminating the use of softener.

With its self-cleaning capability, it would virtually require zero acid washing or maintenance to the cell. The unit almost looks more beautiful inside than the outside, which testifies how much MIOX cares.


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RIO Zuni Production Line RIO Zuni Rear View Tank-Unit RIO Zuni

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