A Safe Alternative to Chlorine Gas

Video Transcription:
Are you aware that a well-known chemical weapon has been the go-to solution for disinfection… in our own backyard?

For years, Chlorine gas has been used as a disinfectant for many industries. The reason? Its low perceived cost. But in reality, its multiple risk factors give it a much higher actual cost when factoring in insurance and safety-related expenses. At MIOX, we have a better solution: on site chemical generation.

MIOX on site generation is safer than Chlorine gas because the primary ingredient is nothing more than table salt. And the solution is less than 1% concentration. It’s easier thanks to an automated process that produces oxidant only when needed. And because it’s inherently safe, it’s less costly than Chlorine gas over the long-term. With a unique chemistry that outperforms other disinfectants, MIOX is the best, most reliable disinfection solution in the industry. And it’s the safer, more responsible choice.