Hydrogen Sulfide Removal in Oil & Gas Water

The MIOX DifferenceThe chemicals used for treating for hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the oil and gas industry can sometimes be just as hazardous as the H2S itself. MIOX wants to eliminate these hazardous chemicals and let oil & gas companies create their own safe chemistry on-demand as they need it. Whether it is high volume treatment, or low volume treatments in the middle of nowhere with no resources, MIOX’s sodium hypochlorite generators will meet your needs.

Field tests and laboratory studies performed to date show that MOS tends to speed reaction rates or drive oxidation reactions to completion compared to sodium hypochlorite.

MOS breaks down odor causing compounds, such as phenols or organochloramines and remove the musty odors of geosmin and methyl isoborneol (MIB) caused when water sources suffer from algae blooms.

  • Oxidize hydrogen sulfides more rapidly than chlorine and without ph adjustment.
  • Lower doses of MOS achieves microbial inactivation, thus reducing the addition of chemicals to the water supply.

With sufficient dosing, MOS does not require a detention tank, filter system, and head can be maintained from the wells to distribution.

MIOX systems require only ordinary food grade salt, eliminating the transportation, handling, and storing of hazardous chemical.  Employees do not need to wear protective gear, and there are no storage compatibility issues.  Since the solution is stored and injected into flowback and produced water at less than one percent concentrations, the oxidant solution is not considered a hazardous material, but rather an environmentally benign yet highly effective chemical.

How It Works

Table salt (NaCl) is mixed with water to create a brine solution. This brine is then passed through MIOX’s proprietary equipment which applies an electric current, creating a Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS). This electrolysis process results in a Mixed Oxidant solution that is dilute enough to impose no Health, Safety or Environmental concerns. (See video below)

A Safer Oxidant

When compared to other chemicals, such as conventional biocides, we dramatically reduce exposure on-site. No special clean-up or spill procedures, or potentially expensive air quality testing needs to be observed with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry.


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