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Solving the Challenge of Treating Variable Produced and Flowback Waters in Oil and Gas

One of the most challenging aspects of disinfecting produced and flowback waters is that the composition of these waters is often highly variable, especially when they are reused for additional production operations. Inspired by the chemistry that occurs when produced or flowback waters are treated with chlorine-based disinfectants, MIOX’s product development team has come up with a new electrolytically-produced (generated on site) disinfection chemistry specifically designed to effectively disinfect these challenging waters.

I will be presenting a talk chronicling the development and early stage testing of this technology titled “Electrochemically Generated Stabilized Chlorine for Disinfecting Produced and Flowback Waters” at the Shale Water Expo in Houston on October 13, 2015. I hope to see you there, but if you cannot make it to Houston and would like to learn more about this exciting development, feel free to send me a message.

Produced Water Treatment for recycle in oil and gas

Produced Water Treatment for recycle in oil and gas

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