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legionella water treatment

Legionella prevention starts with water treatment for biofilm removal

As we have recently seen in the news, in New York there have been more 10 deaths with more than 100 people infected with Legionnaire’s disease. Even though most of the water treatment for cooling towers, fountains and potable water supplies are treated with certain biocides for legionella prevention, why do we still see roughly 24,000 cases of Legionnaire’s disease every year around the globe? Continue reading

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Biofilm Removal | Water Treatment Technology

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a safe, user-friendly and viable chemical treatment method for biofilm removal, microbiological control, and water disinfection.  MOS chemistry has shown in multiple applications and third-party research to have a significant impact on industries that utilize water treatment chemicals – including municipal water treatment, cooling tower water treatment, industrial water treatment, food and beverage sanitation applications, oil and gas water, and aquatics water.

What is biofilm?

Below is a time-lapse video of biofilm removal using MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution.  The video shows 4 weeks of biofilm growth removed for 5 hours at a 12ppm dose of MOS with before and after pictures as well.  For more videos about MIOX technology and on-site generation, visit our Videos page.


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Meeting Increased Demand for Chilled Water in Downtown Chicago

In collaboration with Fehr Solutions, Chicago based company Thermal Chicago recently upgraded their cooling tower treatment process to include a larger MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemical generator.  Previously, Thermal Chicago had utilized a MIOX Dual SAL 80 system (20 lbs/day FAC) at one of their cooling facilities.  To meet the increased demand for chilled water, they have purchased a new state-of-the-art MOX Vault M45 system (45 lbs/day FAC).  

Thermal Chicago Corporation owns and operates the world’s largest interconnected district cooling system, currently serving about 100 buildings in downtown Chicago.  As a result of proven reliability and long standing track record since 1995, customers in Chicago continue to turn to Thermal Chicago district cooling service for their chilled water needs for air-conditioning in condominiums, commercial and industrial facilities.MIOX Vault 45 lbs/day Mixed Oxidant Solution

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Payback Curve on Bulk Bleach Alternative

In this video, Tom explains the return on investment you can expect by replacing delivered bulk bleach with a MIOX chemical generator.  The payback curve uses three  typical costs per gallon of hypochlorite to illustrate a variety of ROI calculations. 

MIOX chemical generators produce a chlorine-based disinfectant using only salt, water and electricity, eliminating the need to transport, store and handle hazardous chemicals. How it works

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Biofilm Removal and Other Advantages

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a substance that often forms in water distribution lines, cooling towers, and any other aqueous environment. A biofilm forms when bacteria begin to excrete a slimy, sticky substance that allows them to adhere to surfaces.

The biofilm mass usually consists of many species of bacteria, and can also include:

– Fungi
– Algae
– Protozoa

Biofilm is resistant to chlorine and is difficult to remove once initial adhesion occurs. The biofilm slime shelters disease-causing microorganisms, protecting them from chlorine disinfection. Notably, Legionella pneumophila requires biofilm to survive in piping systems. In addition, biofilm exerts an oxidant demand, consuming disinfectant and requiring higher doses for adequate biological control.

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry effectively eliminates biofilm.

Other side benefits of the MIOX technology in drinking water applications include:

– Microflocculation (reduction of both final turbidity and coagulant chemical doses)
– Iron bacteria control
– Oxidation of iron and manganese
– Oxidation of sulfides
– Breakpoint reaction at low chlorine to nitrogen ratios

Added benefits also carry through to other applications, including cooling towers by:

– Eliminating microbiologically-induced corrosion
– Improving heat transfer efficiencies

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Press Release: MIOX Cooling Tower Disinfection Boosts Power Plant Production by 7%

Read the full Press Release on the MIOX website.

“Once MIOX was introduced into the system, results were seen immediately and the energy load of the plant increased,” said Carlos Eli Torres, Senior Chemist at Palo Seco Power Plant. “The efficiencies gained from increased load production, reduced chemical and water usage, and lower operations and maintenance costs added up to over $34 million per year in savings. The operation cost of the MIOX unit was roughly a quarter of the bulk hypochlorite price. The switch to MIOX was a no brainer.”

 “Not only the cost advantage, but also the effectiveness of the MIOX unit was quite visible and it was another testament of how effective the Mixed Oxidant Solution was removing biofilm,” said Tom Muilenberg, MIOX Director of Commercial Operations. ”Cleaner condenser tubing resulted in increased heat transfer, allowing them to operate their turbines at a higher load at a fraction of bulk Hypochlorite cost.”


Before_ NTS PREPA_3 pictures

After_NTS PREPA_3 pictures














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Case Study: Biofilm Reduction Boosts Power Output at a Cost 50% Lower than Bulk Hypo

MIOX’s on-demand generated chemistry boosts production of one of the major Puerto Rico power plants by 7%, achieving annual savings of $34 million. 

Read the full Case Study of efficiencies gained at PREPA’s Palo Seco Power Plant on the MIOX website.Replace delivered hypochlorite at lower cost and better efficacy


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Press Release: MIOX Launches the New RIO Zuni for Mid-Size Cooling Towers at the

Biofilm eradication and prevention of potential Legionella spread is achieved safely and economically while reducing chemical usage and operation costs

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

“We listened to what customers were asking for. This is a revolutionary design from many aspects including ability to handle 10X harder water than anything else on the market, and self-cleaning to eliminate the need for acid washing,” said Justin Sanchez, MIOX Chief Technology Officer. “It is as easy as operating a residential water softener.”

MOS is generated on-site, on-demand with remarkable disinfectant capabilities even at higher 8-10 pH levels attributed to a synergy between sodium hypochlorite and trace hydrogen peroxide that coexist within 48 hours of generation.

RIO Zuni Production Line












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