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Partner of the Quarter: International Chemstar

International Chemstar is an exclusive MIOX distribution partner that has been working with MIOX on-site chemical generators for numerous years some of their accounts in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.   International Chemstar commanded the commercialization of MIOX’s newest product line, RIO Zuni, with their first order of 20 Mixed Oxidant Solution OSGs delivered in September.  This initial set of RIO Zunis installations will be placed in Medical Centers for cooling tower water treatment where there is a heightened concern about biofilm growth and potential Legionella.   They also have a number of RIO Zunis installed at a river water filtration system for power plant make up water.  By mid-2013, International Chemstar will target at least 50 locations for disinfection of cooling towers, water features, secondary disinfection at hospitals, and other large commercial buildings.

International Chemstar Logo


International Chemstar is a progressive organization that addresses the many  environmental, performance, and cost concerns confronting the water treatment industry.  The company specializes in district heating and cooling plants that supply steam, chilled water or high temperature hot water to outlying buildings.  They also provide treatment programs to industrial plants, military bases, Cogen plants, hospitals and large buildings.

The typical Chemstar customer has three to ten chillers in their plants providing 3,000 to 50,000 tons of cooling.  They also treat boilers producing up to 400,000 pounds of steam per hour.  All of these facilities demand clean heat transfer surfaces to minimize energy consumption.  Chemstar supplies the treatments, technologies and service required to meet this need.

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