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MIOX Showcases On-Site Hypochlorite Generators at SynGas

SynGas 2014

MIOX will exhibit at SynGas to showcase on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) as a clean, safe alternative water treatment for industrial water treatment.  MlOX’s on-site chemical generation technology provides the safest water disinfectant in the market.  As demonstrated in industrial water treatment applications worldwide, MIOX’s MOS is proven to remove biofilm, reduce corrosion, eliminate water souring and other problems related microbiological growth.

One of the major applications we will be focusing on is how producers can use both on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution chemistry and on-site generated sodium hypochlorite for cooling tower water treatment. Other major applications include process water and wastewater at refining plants, fertilizer plants and ammonia plants.

Benefits of MIOX in industrial facilities include:

  • Increased thermal efficiency through biofilm removal
  • Reduction of biocide costs by up to 75%
  • Reduced dosage, ORP and corrosion
  • Reduced trucking, carbon emission and fuel consumption by eliminating delivered chemicals
  • Increased workplace safety through removal of storage and handling of hazardous chemicals

If you are attending SynGas 2014, make sure to stop by booth #59. If you are not attending but still want to learn more about MIOX’s industrial water treatment solutions, visit our resource library here, or connect with a MIOX industrial expert here.

About SynGas 2014
On Monday April 28, the SynGas Association will hold its 10th Annual conference in Tulsa, OK. SynGas provides “an open exchange of ideas and information to promote better safety, technical, environmental, operational and maintenance techniques for the mutual benefit of the organization and its participants.” Attending the conference will be producers and suppliers of the synthetic gas industry. From big name keynote speakers and over 30 industry specific breakout sessions to the annual SynGas Golf Tournament, this year’s conference will not be one to miss.


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MIOX Exhibits Sustainable Water Treatment Solutions at PaperCon

PaperCon 2014


The theme for PaperCon 2014 is “In Tune for Sustainability, Agility & Profitability”. MIOX looks forward to introducing an alternative industrial water treatment technology that embodies this theme to its fullest. Visit MIOX at PaperCon booth 326 to see how end-users can achieve their Sustainability, Agility and Profitability initiatives by eliminating delivered chemicals through on-site chemical generation.

MIOX Corporation is the worldwide leading innovator in developing sustainable and environmentally-neutral methods for generating oxidizing chemistries. Utilizing an electrolyte made from salt, custom salt or waste brine stream, and adding electricity, MIOX on-site chemical generators create an advanced disinfectant at the point of use. Advanced disinfectant is created in the amount needed and when it is needed.

Due to the process of on-site chemical generation, the concentration of chemical is below hazardous chemical limits, providing a safe work place.

  • Reduce wasteful energy consumption
  • Reduce transportation and carbon footprint by 80%
  • Reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption
  • Eliminate Storage and disposal of hazardous chemical containers
  • Eliminate non-reusable chemical containers
  • No Hazmat and reporting required
  • No hazardous precursors or byproducts

MIOX’s comprehensive line of on-site chemical generators is designed to solve virtually every water disinfectant treatment challenge. Field tested and proven in over 2,500 installations around the world, MIOX sodium hypochlorite generators and Mixed Oxidant Solution generators are available in a variety of sizes and are saleable to meet water treatment challenges of any size.

  • Skid-mounted, mobile units, fixed install
  • Leases and capital sales
  • Distributor discounts
  • Corporate strategic partnerships

MIOX systems have very impressive ROI time frames making on-site generation an attractive and business-savvy investment for many heavy industrial end-users. In addition to the safety benefits of on-site generation, removing chemicals delivered to a site offers impressive savings and short return on investment.

  • Achieve very fast return on investment typically in less than 30 months
  • Reduce corrosion rates saving you expense on other chemistries
  • Less materials & handling due to simple salt delivery for on-site chemical generation

About PaperCon
PaperCon brings together industry professionals and suppliers for the largest pulp and paper technical program in the world. This year, the conference will be held in Nashville, TN from April 27 – 30, 2014. From separate tracks for executives, papermaking and graphic arts, to popular forums and workshops, if you are in the paper industry, PaperCon 2014 is the place to be.

PaperCon is organized by TAPPI, the leading association for the worldwide pulp, paper, packaging, and converting industries and publisher of Paper360º and TAPPI JOURNAL. TAPPI helps members elevate their performance by providing solutions that lead to better, faster, and more cost-effective ways of doing business. For more information, visit www.tappi.org.


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MIOX Exhibits at IDEA Conference for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

MIOX will be exhibiting at the 104th Annual International District Energy Association (IDEA) Conference & Trade Show from June 2-5, 2013 in Miami, FL showcasing on-site Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and sodium hypochlorite generators for cooling tower water treatment.  Attending the conference will be MIOX’s Brett Julian at Booth #55.  Visit the MIOX booth to learn more about MIOX water treatment technology for water disinfection.

About the IDEA Conference & Trade Show

Entitled “Building on Efficiency, Delivering Value,” this conference will feature highly efficient and clean district energy technologies deployed on an urban scale to deliver robust and reliable energy services. The program offers panel discussions, technical presentations and ample Q&A discussion on a range of timely topics such as district cooling, thermal storage, combined heat & power, LEED, microgrids and many others.

For more information about IDEA and the conference, visit http://www.districtenergy.org/

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Large University Hospital Reduces Biofouling

My MIOX: AE-4 City: Chicago
Company Name: Earthwise Environmental State: Illinois
Name: Larry McLaughlin, CWT Country: UNITED STATES
Title: District Manager Application: Cooling Towers
MY MIOX EXPERIENCE: One of the largest and most well-respected teaching hospitals in Illinois is also home to a central plant with 7,000-tons of cooling tower capacity and a 100,000-gallon central chilled water loop. When new corporate responsibility guidelines were released, encouraging sustainability and green practices in facilities, the hospital turned to Earthwise for advice. The discovery of positive Legionella counts in the hospital’s cooling tower system required immediate intervention.Committed to providing our clients with the safest, most environmentally beneficial technologies, we installed a MIOX AE-4 on-site mixed oxidant disinfection system in July 2011, replacing a 12.5% bulk liquid sodium hypochlorite for the 3,000 ton cooling tower in the hospital’s neurosurgery center. Located near both a diesel generator and kitchen exhaust fan, the cooling tower was experiencing excessive biofouling from fats, oils, and greases. A common regimen required several biocides including bleach, DBNPA, and a specific algaecide, along with frequent manual brushing of the outer fill and upper distribution decks by hospital personnel. Legionella testing was routinely conducted by hospital staff and positive readings were noted on several occasions in 2010.

Since MIOX was installed in July, no positive results have been noted. The operating engineer noted that the cooling tower is visibly cleaner this year and the slime and live green algae is gone from the hot distribution decks. Storage and handling of hazardous chemical bleach have been eliminated and the hospital’s biocide program is more effective and efficient.


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