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Chlorine Gas is the Chemical Weapon in our own backyard

If you run a News Search on Google for chlorine gas, a plethora of recent events would welcome you:

Do you want to see the very same poisonous gas ISIS uses as a chemical weapon in YOUR neighborhood?

Sorry for a harsh attention gathering title here. The fact of the matter is that chlorine gas is used as a chemical weapon these days in Middle East primarily because it’s the most abundant method to treat water, and can very easily be stolen and “weaponized”.   Even more frightening, many water treatment plants in the United States use chlorine gas in great abundance with thousands of tons stored on location at all times.

Article Dangerous chemicals stored near Texas schools
Article U.S. Is Investigating That Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas
Video The Dangers of Chlorine Gas and a Safer Alternative

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MIOX for Drinking Water Treatment at SIWW 2014

MIOX at SIWW 2014MIOX is exhibiting at the 2014 Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) from June 1 – 5.  Representing MIOX is Senior Scientist Andrew Boal, who will be showcasing the company’s revolutionary on-site Mixed Oxidant Solution generators and hypochlorite generators for drinking water treatment, advanced oxidation process and municipal wastewater treatment technology to the more than 19,000 water professionals attending SIWW.

Ranging from small communities to large cities with more than 10 million people, water treatment facilities are turning to MIOX chemistries for their drinking water disinfection because the proven disinfectant improves the quality and safety of drinking water while also providing significant economic savings. Conventional treatment processes consume a lot of fuel and release harmful carbon emissions. As such, there is a rising demand in the development of improved and/or new disinfection technologies.

MIOX at SIWW 2014MIOX offers a comprehensive line of on-site chemical generators which combine salt, water and power to generate cost-effective water disinfectants on site.  Whether you need the lowest cost and most reliable sodium hypochlorite (HYPO) on the market, maximum disinfection using our proprietary Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS), or a combination of on-site generated aqueous chlorine and ultraviolet light (Cl2/UV) through our new Integrated Advanced Oxidation (iAO) technology, MIOX can provide a wide range of solutions for your water treatment needs.

The Aerojet Rocketdyne site for Groundwater Remediation in California was able to save up to 75% on chemical costs and improve worker safety by switching to MIOX’s iAO technology.  To learn more, download the Case Study by clicking here.

About SIWW
The Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions. Stakeholders from the global water industry gather at SIWW to share business opportunities and showcase the latest water technologies. SIWW is part of the strategic program of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies.

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Drinking Water Treatment, Reduce Disinfection Byproducts

MIOX is a cutting-edge technology company that has been making EPA approved safe drinking water for close to twenty years. Many communities are turning to MIOX clean water technology for their surface water treatment and groundwater water treatment because Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) is a proven disinfectant for cost-effectively reducing disinfection byproducts and improving the quality and safety of drinking water.

MIOX’s extensive experience in water disinfection ranges from rural communicates to large cities with more than 10 million people – such as city of Bogota, Columbia (testimonial) where MIOX on-site chemical generation cost-effectively replaced dangerous chlorine gas.

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MIOX Technology Provides Safe Drinking Water In Kampala, Uganda

MIOX was selected by Kol Services Ltd (Kol), a contractor that builds urban water supply systems in Kampala, Uganda, for potable water treatment at a housing community.  The community was at risk of water born disease and MIOX technology was selected to provide safe drinking water.  A total of three RIO Zuni 2.0 units will be used for an estimated 1 million liters of drinking water  treatment per day.  This will be the first installation in Uganda for MIOX.

Kol is a multiservice construction company that has been operating in Uganda since 2000. The company covers all areas of construction, including the pre and post phases and has over 12 years of experience in Construction work, Water works and Engineering works.  With clients from both Uganda and abroad, Kol has become Uganda’s leading construction company.


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BlueTech Innovation Forum, Showcase for Oil & Gas Water Management

On Tuesday, May 14th MIOX’s Craig Beckman and Charles Mowrey will showcase MIOX water treatment technology for oil and gas water at the BlueTech Innovation Forum in Amsterdam.  MIOX has developed an environmentally-friendly and cost- effective oil and gas water treatment system for frac water, flowback water treatment, produced water disinfection and hydrogen sulfide removal.

We are extremely proud and honored to be considered one the top innovative new technologies being implemented for water management in the oil and gas industry.








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Partner of the Quarter: Parkson Corporation

Parkson Corporation became the exclusive distributor for MIOX products to municipal water and wastewater customers in the United States and Canada in June 2011.  Under the private label MaximOS, Parkson incorporated MIOX on-site generation disinfection technology into their broad portfolio of innovative solutions for the water and wastewater treatment sectors. Only one-and-a-half years after signing the agreement, Parkson has emerged as one of MIOX’s most successful partnership agreements to date.



The MIOX generators sold under the Parkson MaximOS product line since June 2011 have a combined daily production capacity of more than 4500 Pounds of Free Available Chlorine (FAC), which is enough disinfectant to treat over 100 Million Gallons of water per day.  On track to continue this positive trend,  Parkson continues to actively develop and close new on-site generation projects and increase after-market service, system upgrades and parts sales for existing MIOX customers.

Parkson MaximOS


Parkson’s success can largely be attributed to continued efforts in:

  • Supporting and motivating their national representative network
  • Promoting MIOX at local, national and regional tradeshows
  • Developing sales and marketing literature and case studies, and placing articles in industry publications
  • Providing intensive technical and sales training for all involved members of their organization
  • Actively reaching out to existing customers to explore after-market opportunities

Some of their very recent major wins include:

  • 400 ppd system for a WTP in Honouliuli, HI
  • 1500 ppd system for a WTP in St. Charles, MO
  • 300 ppd system for a WWTP in York, NE

Parkson’s dedicated team has truly committed to expanding their OSG chemical installation base in North American water and wastewater treatment plants.

Congratulations for this success, Parkson, and thank you for your highly valued partnership.

Parkson HQ in Florida



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Groundwater Treatment Challenges in Municipal Water Treatment and the MIOX Solution

This Webinar is the second in a three-part series on drinking water treatment.  In this part, we will conduct a deeper review of groundwater treatment and the challenges therein.  Not only will this webinar cover how MIOX can assist in the cost-effective treatment of groundwater, but this session will also include more details on the chemical reactions involved in the removal of certain contaminants.  Attendees of this webinar can expect to come away with a sound understanding of groundwater treatment for the production of drinking water.

Download webinar slides Challenges in Municipal Drinking Water, Part 2 of 3 

Groundwater Treatment:

  • Typical Process Flow
  • Iron and Manganese Oxidation
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
  • Ammonia Removal Add Media
  • Arsenic 

Click here to download the presentation slides for Challenges in Municipal Drinking Water_Part 2 of 3_2013, a drinking water primer on groundwater and surface water treatment

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Krono Wood Processing Plant in Krono Ukraine

Testimonial_ONIKO RIO Zuni at Wood Plant pic.docx

My MIOX: RIO Zuni, Elfin pilot unit City: Krono
Company Name: ONIKO State:
Name: Anatolii Kolesnikov Country: UKRAINE
Title: President Application: Drinking Water Disinfection
MY MIOX EXPERIENCE: The largest private laminate wood flooring factory in Krono, Ukraine is not connected to the public water supply system making access to clean, safe water one of its most pressing challenges.

In 2011, Krono began investigating alternative water disinfection methods in an effort to improve the access to safe drinking water at the plant. The plant management was looking for alternatives to bottled mineral water, the only drinking water source for employees. Krono’s research produced MIOX Corporation’s on-site mixed oxidant generation technology, a technology that creates a non-hazardous disinfectant on site eliminating the need for transporting pre-treated water. The plant contacted MIOX’s representative in Ukraine, ONIKO, after coming across a news report on national television about the first MIOX RIO system at a municipal water treatment plant. The news report featured a Kolmyia family who resumed drinking tap water after the City replaced the old chlorine gas system with a MIOX on-site disinfection system.

Today the plant uses well water as its raw water source and produces 150 m3/day of treated water sufficient for the needs of its 350 employees. The RIO Zuni unit is simple and easy to operate, and designed to operate in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance. The existing engineering staff at the Krono plant oversees the installation after a short training session.

Dosing 1.5 mg/l mixed oxidants, the drinking water at the plant now maintains a solid level of 0.5 mg/l residual throughout the factory. Because of the unique disinfection properties of MIOX mixed oxidants, biofilm buildup in the distribution system was eliminated.

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Press Release: MIOX is Eliminating Water Contamination by Inorganic Disinfection Byproducts

MIOX awarded $150,000 Phase I National Science Foundation SBIR research grant to develop technologies that will impact municipal water treatment and groundwater remediation market verticals

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

Chlorate and perchlorate, two compounds that are regulated in drinking water by some states and that will likely be regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, are related to the disinfection processes used by many utilities. These compounds arise from either natural degradation of concentrated hypochlorite or through chlorine on-site generation processes. While the degradation of concentrated hypochlorite is fairly well understood, the mechanisms responsible for chlorate and perchlorate production during brine electrolysis are much less clear. 

Drinking Water








According to Hazen and Sawyer’s Dr. Stanford “There is enormous variability in output of chlorate from on-site hypochlorite generators, and in many cases those levels would likely exceed the EPA’s health reference level of 210 parts per billion at normal chlorine use levels.  In light of EPA’s potential regulation of chlorate, a technology that can minimize its formation will be of utmost importance to the water industry.”

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