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Industrial Water Treatment Chemical Market Growth

This article really drives home the need for better water monitoring and enforcement of safe chemical discharge practices in the industrial water treatment sector.  For example, the plating industry moved out of the United States and into Mexico 15 years ago due to less stringent industrial wastewater treatment requirements in Mexico.  Or, at least lower enforcement of the laws.  Now, as countries develop and per capita grows, we are witnessing a slowing down of tolerance for direct discharge of waste water.

Article from WaterWorld
Mexico water, wastewater chemical market to grow from industrial water demands

“Water regulations at the federal, state and municipal levels in Mexico allow water usage only through authorization, subject to terms and conditions,” said Frost & Sullivan Chemicals, Materials and Food Research Analyst Florencia Benitez Boiardi . “This legal frame accelerates the adoption of chemicals for industrial water and wastewater treatment.”

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