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Cooling Tower Water Treatment at Top Ammonia Producer in Oklahoma

A top ammonia producer in the United States is successfully keeping their industrial cooling  tower water free of biological contaminants through effective biofilm and algae removal.

The facility is taking safety measures by eliminating the use and storage of hazardous chemicals at their facility by using industrial water treatment system with MIOX on-site hypochlorite generator.

Results from three successful installations at different sites throughout North America show MIOX is the preferred cooling water treatment chemical for biological control, optimal facility safety, and corporate sustainability.

cooling tower water treatment companies

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Webinar MIOX 101: Learn About On-Site Chemical Generators

VIDEO 1: Virtual Tour of MIOX On-Site Generators
VIDEO 2: MIOX Technology Overview with Craig Beckman
VIDEO 3: Q&A from the Webinar MIOX 101: Learn About On-Site Chemical Generators

MIOX on-site chemical generation delivers smarter disinfection solutions to increase performance, ROI, safety and revenue. But did you know that MIOX systems are very easy to operate and designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability?

Generate disinfection chemistry at your site using just salt, water and power. Eliminate the transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals AND generate a more effective disinfectant.

Download Slides MIOX 101 OSGs Presentation.pdf

VIDEO 1: Virtual Tour of MIOX On-Site Generators


VIDEO 2: MIOX Technology Overview with Craig Beckman | Water Technology Company


VIDEO 3: Q&A from the Webinar MIOX 101: Learn About On-Site Chemical Generators

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MIOX Technology Provides Safe Drinking Water In Kampala, Uganda

MIOX was selected by Kol Services Ltd (Kol), a contractor that builds urban water supply systems in Kampala, Uganda, for potable water treatment at a housing community.  The community was at risk of water born disease and MIOX technology was selected to provide safe drinking water.  A total of three RIO Zuni 2.0 units will be used for an estimated 1 million liters of drinking water  treatment per day.  This will be the first installation in Uganda for MIOX.

Kol is a multiservice construction company that has been operating in Uganda since 2000. The company covers all areas of construction, including the pre and post phases and has over 12 years of experience in Construction work, Water works and Engineering works.  With clients from both Uganda and abroad, Kol has become Uganda’s leading construction company.


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RIO Zuni: Revolutionary Cell Technology & Achievement in Design

RIO Zuni is a quite remarkable engineering achievement for MIOX. It is truly the result of years of hard work and innovation, driven by obsessive attention to detail. The elegant simplicity is especially evident with its design: ease of use, small footprint and zero maintenance nature.

Traditionally electro chlorinators were made from multiple parts: separate cell, separate control box and separate plumbing and rectifier. The problem with that is it will have more parts, higher cost, and a bigger footprint.  For an onsite generator that would treat a relatively small application, the traditional design-build approach would not be cost-effective. The huge breakthrough the MIOX Science & Technology Team achieved was to integrate all those parts with just one small box that is placed on a brine tank.

We found a way to manufacture a mixed oxidant generator that is fundamentally small – almost smaller than a residential water softener – with a degree of cell technology that we have never dreamed of before.  After talking to more than 200 end users, we also designed a revolutionary cell just to fulfill their desires. The RIO Zuni electrolytic cell can handle hardness 170 mg/l, which is 10 times more than the standard cell design, almost eliminating the use of softener.

With its self-cleaning capability, it would virtually require zero acid washing or maintenance to the cell. The unit almost looks more beautiful inside than the outside, which testifies how much MIOX cares.


Click here to view Press Release

Click here to view RIO Zuni Product Brochure

RIO Zuni Production Line RIO Zuni Rear View Tank-Unit RIO Zuni

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Partner of the Quarter: International Chemstar

International Chemstar is an exclusive MIOX distribution partner that has been working with MIOX on-site chemical generators for numerous years some of their accounts in Maryland and the Washington D.C. area.   International Chemstar commanded the commercialization of MIOX’s newest product line, RIO Zuni, with their first order of 20 Mixed Oxidant Solution OSGs delivered in September.  This initial set of RIO Zunis installations will be placed in Medical Centers for cooling tower water treatment where there is a heightened concern about biofilm growth and potential Legionella.   They also have a number of RIO Zunis installed at a river water filtration system for power plant make up water.  By mid-2013, International Chemstar will target at least 50 locations for disinfection of cooling towers, water features, secondary disinfection at hospitals, and other large commercial buildings.

International Chemstar Logo


International Chemstar is a progressive organization that addresses the many  environmental, performance, and cost concerns confronting the water treatment industry.  The company specializes in district heating and cooling plants that supply steam, chilled water or high temperature hot water to outlying buildings.  They also provide treatment programs to industrial plants, military bases, Cogen plants, hospitals and large buildings.

The typical Chemstar customer has three to ten chillers in their plants providing 3,000 to 50,000 tons of cooling.  They also treat boilers producing up to 400,000 pounds of steam per hour.  All of these facilities demand clean heat transfer surfaces to minimize energy consumption.  Chemstar supplies the treatments, technologies and service required to meet this need.

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MIOX RIO Zuni Replaces Bottled Water at Large Ukrainian Plant

RIO Zuni at Wood PlantThe largest private laminate wood flooring factory in Krono, Ukraine is not connected to the public water supply system making access to clean, safe water one of its most pressing challenges.

In 2011, Krono began investigating alternative water disinfection methods in an effort to improve the access to safe drinking water at the plant.

The plant management was looking for alternatives to bottled mineral water, the only drinking water source for employees. Krono’s research produced MIOX Corporation’s on-site mixed oxidant generation technology, a technology that creates a non-hazardous disinfectant on site eliminating the need for transporting pre-treated water.

ONIKO logoThe plant contacted MIOX’s representative in Ukraine, ONIKO, after coming across a news report on national television about the first MIOX RIO system at a municipal water treatment plant. The news report featured a Kolomyia family who resumed drinking tap water after the City replaced the old chlorine gas system with a MIOX on-site disinfection system.

Click here to read the full story on how MIOX replaced bottled water at a Ukrainian plant.

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Press Release: MIOX Launches the New RIO Zuni for Mid-Size Cooling Towers at the

Biofilm eradication and prevention of potential Legionella spread is achieved safely and economically while reducing chemical usage and operation costs

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

“We listened to what customers were asking for. This is a revolutionary design from many aspects including ability to handle 10X harder water than anything else on the market, and self-cleaning to eliminate the need for acid washing,” said Justin Sanchez, MIOX Chief Technology Officer. “It is as easy as operating a residential water softener.”

MOS is generated on-site, on-demand with remarkable disinfectant capabilities even at higher 8-10 pH levels attributed to a synergy between sodium hypochlorite and trace hydrogen peroxide that coexist within 48 hours of generation.

RIO Zuni Production Line












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