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Mixed Oxidant Solution and Sodium Hypochlorite Generators for Water Disinfection

For 20 years, MIOX has designed and manufactured reliable and cost-effective on-site chemical generators for water disinfection.  MIOX offers two different types of on-site chemical generators.  Our sodium hypochlorite generators (HYPO) are engineered to provide the absolute lowest cost bleach available on the market.  In contrast, our Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) systems are engineered for maximum disinfection efficacy through proprietary cell design, control of power and cell geometry.

MIOX technology has been engineered for a variety of water treatment applications in many sectors including:

  • Drinking water including municipal water treatment, wastewater treatment, and humanitarian disaster relief
  • Cooling water treatment for biofilm removal, legionella removal and improved heat transfer efficiency
  • Industrial water treatment including process water and cooling tower water treatment
  • Oil & gas water including produced water treatment, frac water and flowback water, hydrogen sulfide removal (H₂S), disposal wells, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) with mobile water treatment solutions available

MIOX Sizing Chart

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MIOX ballast water management article in Maritime Reporter and Engineering News

MIOX Article in Maritime ReporterMaritime Reporter and Engineering News magazine publishes an article about MIOX for water management on cruise ships.  The article “MIOX Safe Water Management for Cruise Ships” focuses on numerous water treatment challenges facing the cruise industry today from prevention of gastrointestinal illness and legionella outbreaks.

This week MIOX co-presents “Available Options for Disinfection in Ballast Water Treatment” with marine distribution partners, Howell Laboratories, Inc. at the Ballast Water Management Summit in Long Beach, California.  For more information about this presentation, read the previous blog post here.

If you want to learn more about MIOX water management solutions for cruise ships, click here to contact an industry expert.



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How MIOX Works for Industrial Cooling Water Treatment

MIOX’s patented on-demand chemistries for cooling tower and cooling loop water disinfection improve safety, lower general corrosion rates, increase performance, and save money.  The unique qualities of MIOX chemistries lower corrosion rates by 80% in copper and 50% in steel, resulting in a reduction of downtime, maintenance and expense.  Additionally, MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution and sodium hypochlorite generators improve workplace safety by eliminating the handling and storage of hazardous chemicals while maintaining steady disinfection residuals.

Benefits of Using MIOX for Cooling Tower Water Treatment:

  • Cleans up biofilm in your cooling loop using chlorine + peroxide
  • Reduces biocide costs by 75%
  • Reduces oxidant usage by 15-20%
  • Reduces dosage, ORP and corrosion
  • Effective at higher pHs
  • Safest biocide alternative in the industry
  • Outperforms traditional chemical treatments


Have a project in mind or want to learn more about cooling tower water treatment? Connect with an industry expert here!


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Chlorine Gas vs. Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS)

Click To DownlodDownload this white paper as we compare the main differences between Chlorine Gas and Mixed Oxidant Solution.  We will look at the following decision factors:

  • Disinfection Efficacy
  • Chlorine Residual Maintenance
  • Disinfection Byproduct Formation (DBP)
  • Regulations
  • Safety
  • Taste & Odor
  • Ease of Use
  • Pretreatment
  • Iron & Manganese Removal
  • Cost Considerations





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H2gO Purifier Uses MIOX MSR Purifier Chemistry

H2gO PurifierOne of the original MIOX founders, Rodney Herrington, has expanded off the original MSR MIOX Purifier Pen and developed a brand new product that has set out to be the best personal water purifier in the world.

The H2gO Purifier uses the same MIOX electrolysis process that converts brine into a sterilizing solution, using the same simple water disinfection chemistry of mixing salt, electricity and water.  The hand-held device can treat anywhere from 1/4 gallon to 5 gallons of water, making it perfect for camping trips, missionaries, first responders, families with limited access to fresh water, and even military explorations.  H2gO is highly effective, yet still economical and easy to use, requiring only common salt to make the brine.

Improving on the original MSR Pen, the H2gO Purifier has eliminated battery replacement by using a rechargeable battery similar to a cell phone and can last over 500 charges.  If you’re unable to charge the device by USB, the solar panels on the back can charge the battery as well.  The Purifier also doesn’t have any special salt requirements, allowing customers to use common table salt.  Other improvements include an expanded capacity and improved reliability.

Aqua Research is the name of the company producing the H2gO Purifier, with Rodney Herrington as the CEO.  Recently, the company just announced receiving funding from the New Mexico Angels angel-investment group in order to start production in the next several weeks.  The chemistry and technology that is used will be licensed through MIOX.  Read more about the funding announcement here.

We wish all the best to Aqua Research as they strive to provide cost-effective and sustainable water treatment to the people who need it most – those with no access to safe water.  For more information on Aqua Research and the H2gO Purifier, visit www.h2gopurifier.com

H2gO Purifier


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How On-Site Chemical Generation Works, The Electrolysis Process

On-site generation of chemistries for water disinfection is a technology that is based on decades-old scientific principles.  MIOX on-site generators (OSGs) use an electrolysis process that takes a solution of sodium chloride (salt) and water and applies electricity, to produce chlorine-based disinfection chemistry.  Expertly designed Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and sodium hypochlorite generators from MIOX give customers the freedom to produce disinfectants in the amount they need, when they need it.  Because of the benefits that OSGs provide, many industries and water treatment companies are switching to on-site chemical generation and moving away from more traditional chlorine delivery systems such as chlorine gas, concentrated sodium hypochlorite, and bulk calcium hypochlorite.

MIOX chemistries have multiple water disinfection application including
Municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, aquatics water, hospital disinfectant, secondary disinfection and legionella treatment, food and beverage processing, livestock watering and farm sanitation solutions, and oil and gas water and produced water treatment.

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On-Site Chemical Generators, MIOX 101 Webinar


MIOX on-site chemical generation delivers smarter water disinfection solutions to increase performance, ROI, safety and revenue. But did you know that MIOX systems are very easy to operate and designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability?

Let me show you how easy it is to generate disinfection chemistry at your site. Eliminate the transportation, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals AND generate a more effective disinfectant.

MIOX Chemistries are replacing delivered bulk chemicals in many industries across the globe: Municipal Drinking & Wastewater, Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Reuse, Swimming Pools & Spas, Hospital Secondary Disinfection, Food & Beverage Processing, Livestock Watering & Sanitation Solutions, Oil & Gas Water Treatment & ReuseCooling Tower Water Treatment.

Let’s start with the basics and then we’ll open the forum up for Q&A. In this webinar, you will receive a virtual tour of a MIOX on-site chemical generator (OSG) and learn about:

  • Key components of the MIOX OSG
  • MIOX electrolytic cell & flow path
  • Ability to meet disinfection challenges of any size

Register now to reserve your seat for Tuesday, July 16!

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WaterOnline Radio Podcast on MIOX Water Treatment Chemical Technology Innovation & Advanced Oxidation Process


CLICK TO LISTEN “MIOX Technology Innovation & Emerging iAO Chemistry”

During AWWA‘s Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE13) on June 9 – 13, MIOX’s Tom Muilenberg sat down at VertMarket’s Water Online booth to discuss the benefits of MIOX on-site chemical generation and emerging advanced oxidation process (iAO) during a live radio podcast.

Tom discussed not only an overview of MIOX chemistries, but also the various applications of MIOX on-site generators and how they are economically beneficial for the companies using them.  The main benefits that Tom mentioned include enhanced safety, increased efficiency for disinfection, easy to handle and operate, and a lower cost than other solutions.

To listen to the full 10 min interview:

CLICK TO LISTEN “MIOX Technology Innovation & Emerging iAO Chemistry”

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MIOX Technology Provides Safe Drinking Water In Kampala, Uganda

MIOX was selected by Kol Services Ltd (Kol), a contractor that builds urban water supply systems in Kampala, Uganda, for potable water treatment at a housing community.  The community was at risk of water born disease and MIOX technology was selected to provide safe drinking water.  A total of three RIO Zuni 2.0 units will be used for an estimated 1 million liters of drinking water  treatment per day.  This will be the first installation in Uganda for MIOX.

Kol is a multiservice construction company that has been operating in Uganda since 2000. The company covers all areas of construction, including the pre and post phases and has over 12 years of experience in Construction work, Water works and Engineering works.  With clients from both Uganda and abroad, Kol has become Uganda’s leading construction company.


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Dreamland Aquapark is Upgrading to MIOX On-Site Generation

The Dreamland Aquapark, located north of Dubai, is upgrading its swimming pools and slides disinfection to MIOX on-site generation. Dreamland Aqua Park, situated in the heart of the Arabian peninsula, is considered one of the largest water parks in the Middle East.

MIOX’s exclusive representative for UAE Cooltech has been selected to provide water treatment services to the Aquapark with capacity of 7,000 visitors per day. Cooltech is planning to install a MIOX VAULT H25 system producing 25 pounds per day in the next three months.


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