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Produced Water Recycling using Mobile Water Treatment System

The MIOX Blackwater mobile water treatment system has allowed frac and flowback water recycle and reuse in the Fayetteville Shale since Fall 2013.  Lab data from samples taken from the produced water retention ponds show superior SRB and APB kill in addition to hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) removal and iron oxidation.

Produced Water Treatment Field Data 2013

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Press Release: TEL Venture Capital Invests in MIOX Corporation

Patented Technology for Cost-Effective Water Recycle & Reuse in Microelectronics Industry

Read the full press release here on the MIOX website.

MIOX Corporation today announced a strategic investment by TEL Venture Capital, Inc. , the corporate investment arm of Japanese semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electron Ltd. http://www.tel.com/.  This marks the first investment by an Asia-based investor in MIOX.

The TEL investment complements grants awarded to MIOX by the National Science Foundation (NSF)  targeted toward the pursuit of coupling MIOX’s core on-site oxidant generation technology with ultraviolet photolysis in an effort to provide a powerful and cost-effective water remediation process.  MIOX is a venture capital-backed water technology company focused on on-site chemical generation whose current investors include DCM, Sierra Ventures, Flywheel Ventures, and Schlumberger Limited.

“We believe it will be beneficial to learn more about water treatment and the industry’s needs,” says Kay Enjoji, President of TEL Venture Capital.  “This is an exciting investment in a company that has the leading technology in their field.”

TEL Invests in MIOX image

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