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MIOX Presents at Ballast Water Management Summit

Ballast Water Management Summit MIOX Corporation presents at the Ballast Water Management Summit in Long Beach, California in partnership with their maritime distribution partner, Howell Laboratories, Inc.  The presentation titled “Available Options for Disinfection in Ballast Water Treatment” focuses on the multiple water disinfection technologies available to treat ballast water from cavitation or chlorine dioxide, to on-site hypochlorite generation, non-oxidizing biocides, Ozone or UV.

In this presentation, Cem Candir MIOX VP Sales & Marketing and Adam Jones, Howell Labs Director of Business Development for Commercial Products propose an alternative method for ballast water management, on-site generated Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) and UV.  The industry struggles with numerous water treatment challenges from invasive species to water discharge and filtration to disinfection of microorganisms causing legionella and many recreational water illnesses.

Howell Laboratories has been working with MIOX for more than a decade with MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution and hypochlorite generators as the core technology offering for water disinfection on cruise and Navy ships.  MIOX systems have been installed on some of the largest and highest value ships in the world from luxury cruise ships to more than a dozen of the U.S. Navy’s largest ships, including all aircraft carriers.

Article from Maritime Reporter and Engineering News: MIOX Safe Water Management for Cruise Ships


To learn more about advanced oxidation, contact an industry expert here.


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Dreamland Aquapark is Upgrading to MIOX On-Site Generation

The Dreamland Aquapark, located north of Dubai, is upgrading its swimming pools and slides disinfection to MIOX on-site generation. Dreamland Aqua Park, situated in the heart of the Arabian peninsula, is considered one of the largest water parks in the Middle East.

MIOX’s exclusive representative for UAE Cooltech has been selected to provide water treatment services to the Aquapark with capacity of 7,000 visitors per day. Cooltech is planning to install a MIOX VAULT H25 system producing 25 pounds per day in the next three months.


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Craig Beckman Presents at BlueTech Forum 2013 for Oil & Gas Water Treatment

Below is a video of MIOX CEO Craig Beckman giving his presentation on oil and gas water treatment and frac water disinfection at the BlueTech Forum 2013 in Amsterdam, where we were awarded as runner-ups for the BlueTruffle™ Award.

For more information about the BlueTech Forum, visit http://www.bluetechforum.com/


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