Tunja Water Treatment Plant in Tunja, Colombia

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My MIOX: RIO M3 City: Tunja
Company Name: USA Global Market State:
Name: Country: UNITED STATES
Title: Application: Drinking Water Disinfection
MY MIOX EXPERIENCE: USA Global initiated discussions with Proactiva Tunja in early 2012 because this local water management company wanted to move away from chlorine gas to a disinfection solution that is safer for the employees and for the community. Proactiva Tunja is also interested in improving biofilm control in their plant and distribution system.

USA Global Market proposed a MIOX mixed oxidant system to meet both of these needs. While Tunja was very interested to try MIOX on-site generation, they had two reasons for hesitation. First, their standard procurement process requires that they try the full-scale equipment before they buy it. Secondly, they don’t have the budget for a large one-time capital investment. Instead of walking away from the project, USA Global devised a creative way to win the business and to meet the customer’s needs. They leveraged a long standing relationship with a Colombian financial institution called Banco de Occidente. USA Global set up a leasing program with Banco de Occidente that enabled USA Global to purchase the equipment from MIOX based on customized payment terms from MIOX, and offer their customer Proactiva Tunja with a Try and Buy program. USA Global will pay for the leasing program through the first 60-days of operation at the site. When the Try and Buy is successfully completed, Proactiva Tunja will take over the lease with Banco de Occidente.

During the trial period, the Tunja WTP will be evaluating the MIOX system for biofilm control, safety, TTHM reduction and disinfection efficacy, and potential for use in pretreatment. At the end of the 5-year lease Tunja will own their MIOX system and will have already achieved the full return on their investment. MIOX congratulates USA Global for their creative and flexible approach to winning this important customer’s business.